Nokia unveils the 6560 TDMA phone with color display

Nokia unveils the 6560 TDMA phone with color display


Nokia today announced the Nokia 6560 phone, the world’s smallest and lightest TDMA handset with color display and dual band functionality. Weighing only 3.1 ounces, the Nokia 6560 phone is a small and sleek mobile phone optimized for balancing work and family life. It has a large high quality color display and enlarged keypad optimized for messaging. The advanced feature set of the Nokia 6560 further include Java(TM) technology, XHTML browser and data connectivity via infrared, continuing a tradition of Nokia leadership in the TDMA market. Shipments of the Nokia 6560 TDMA 800/1900 MHz / AMPS handset are expected to begin during the 4th quarter of 2003.

To allow users to personalize their phone, the Nokia 6560 phone includes on-screen wallpapers, user changeable Xpress-on(TM) front and back covers and high-fidelity MIDI ringing tones. With support of Java technology, users can further customize their phone by downloading new services and applications such as games or productivity applications to the phone using the built-in XHTML browser.

User-defined profiles allow for the audible and tactile alerts of the phone to be adjusted for the environment that the phone is being used in. Caller group function enables the management of incoming calls, while features such as predictive text input, a high quality color display, selectable font sizes and an integrated hands free speaker enhance the usability of the phone.

The Nokia 6560 is the smallest and lightest TDMA phone with large color screen and it offers a full set of latest features fffor users to manage their business and personal life,” said Pekka Vartiainen, senior vice president of Nokia Mobile Phones, Americas. “This handset clearly demonstrates Nokia’s continuing commitment to the TDMA market.”

Advanced voice features of the Nokia 6560 include voice memos, voice dialing and voice commands. The unique Nokia Pop-port connector allows for a full range of accessories such as an FM stereo radio headset. The phone also supports connectivity to a TTY device for hearing impaired users.