New Nokia EDGE Tri-Band camera handset unveiled

New Nokia EDGE Tri-Band camera handset unveiled


The EDGE-capable phone features integrated camera, colour screen and do-it-yourself cut-out covers for added fun and self-expression

The new Nokia 3200 phone took centre stage today amidst the throngs of music lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts gathered at the “Nokia Totally Board” event in Sevilla, Spain, and the funk and vibrancy of a youthful crowd including local young celebrities and local Thai artists at the “Stand Out” event in Bangkok, Thailand.

Featuring an integrated camera, a large colour screen, and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)* functionality, the Nokia 3200 phone not only brings fun and imaging to wider audiences, but also adds an innovative and new element in mobile personalization to the consumers – do-it-yourself cut-out covers. The transparent front and back covers of the Nokia 3200 phone serve as frames for custom designs; images taken from the phone’s integrated camera can be used as designs for these covers. The Nokia 3200 phone is also a tri-band world phone available in two versions, a GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900 phone primarily for the European and Asian markets and a GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1900/1800 phone primarily for the Americas. Shipping is expected to begin during the fourth quarter of 2003.

“The Nokia 3200 phone personifies the urban culture that inspired its design – fun and funky yet with a unique style of its own,” said Kai Öistämö, Senior Vice President, Nokia Mobile Phones “The Nokia 3200 phone targets trend-setting, mobile-savvy consumers who value fun, individuality and entertainment – in addition to the latest trends in mobile communications. Customizable cut-out covers, complete with complementary ring tones and wallpapers add an artistic flair to individual style for added personalization.”

The Nokia 3200 phone has an integrated camera and enhanced picture editor application, which run on the Nokia Series 40 user interface, making capturing, editing and sending a MMS a snap. The 128×128 high-resolution colour display brings images to life. Special packs for cut-out covers – such as “Snowboard,” “Street life” or “Urban-chic” – offer thematic wallpapers and ring tones to complete the customized ensemble. Mobile themes for the Nokia 3200 phone will be available from the Nokia Shop website:

The Nokia 3200 phone features an XHTML browser to make surfing mobile services a richer experience. In addition to text, services can also include colourful pictures and frames. A link to the new mobile site, which features content optimized for XHTML, is available in the Nokia 3200 phone.

Other features include:

Polyphonic ringtones
Customized contact list – with images and unique ringtones
Integrated flashlight
Built-in FM radio
Infrared connectivity, PC Suite
JavaTM technology (J2ME(TM))

The Nokia 3200 phone is the first Nokia phone to offer cut-out covers. Sales packages will include three cutout covers with matching wallpapers and polyphonic ringing tones, as well as 10 blank covers that are perforated to fit the unique shape of the Nokia 3200 phone keypad. Users can browse for designs online or create their own on their computers, and make printouts using their own printer. They can also paint, paste, sketch or colour their designs on the blank cut-out covers to create their very own customized covers. Pre-cut post cards will be available at retail outlets that will include perforated cut-out covers with ordering codes for matching wallpapers and ringing tones. A cutter will also be available for users to “punch out” customized front and back covers from images and artwork printed on plain paper, to create a truly one-of-its-kind design.

Developers interested in creating software applications for the Nokia 3200 phone can source product specifications, get technical assistance and download tools from Forum Nokia – Nokia’s global developer program (