Mitsubishi Electric Develops New Optical Fingerprint Sensor

Mitsubishi Electric Develops New Optical Fingerprint Sensor


Nikkei Electronics Reprots — “Mitsubishi Electric Corp has developed an optical fingerprint sensor that detects fingerprint data on the surface and the inside of fingertips.

The sensor is designed for fingerprint-checking devices used for security purposes.

Mitsubishi Electric expects the new sensors will help improve the accuracy of fingerprint checkers and enable non-contact fingerprint image detection.

Human fingers consist of the scarfskin, inner skin and tissues under the skin. The so-called “fingerprints” are the concavoconvex scarfskin that shows the shape of the inner skin. Mitsubishi Electric, with cooperation of Masamitsu Haruna, professor in medical engineering at Osaka University, discovered that there are changes in the transmittance of the light in tissues inside the finger ranging from the scarfskin to the inner skin, in response to the concavity and convexity of the fingerprint.”

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