IOGEAR MiniView Micro KVM switch allows easy access to multiple PCs and...

IOGEAR MiniView Micro KVM switch allows easy access to multiple PCs and laptops


IoGear is allowing users to access multiple USB computers on different platforms with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse as it debuts its MiniView Micro KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch, with 6’ built-in cables.

The USB-enabled MiniView Micro is a compact, plug-and-play device which allows computer users to access two Mac or PC desktop computers, two laptops or one of each from a single PS/2 keyboard, monitor and PS/2 mouse. The device also enables older PCs to be used for less power hungry tasks like word processing or file storage, while the faster system is saved for applications such as downloading digital files, watching DVDs or editing videos.

MiniView Micro is a cost-effective tool that eliminates the need to purchase two sets of keyboards, monitors and mice. KVMs increase the ROI of older equipment, simplify the operation of multiple systems, free up desk space and save time.

The switch measures 2.5” x 2.25” x 0.875”, the equivalent to a deck of cards, and weighs 0.75 lbs. MiniView Micro USB works on most hardware platforms with the majority of operating systems. It is priced at $59.95 (MSRP) and is now available from all major catalog resellers, online resellers and selected retail outlets.

“With the launch of our USB-enabled MiniView Micro, we now allow more computer users to access their various systems,” said Miranda Su, vice president of sales & marketing at IOGEAR, Inc. “It’s typical for today’s households to own more than one computer, whether it’s a desktop or laptop. MiniView Micro not only makes use of these multiple systems, but also saves space. The feedback we’ve had from this product has been tremendous and consumers are quickly catching on to the real benefits this compact tool provides.”

The USB-enabled MiniView Micro follows IOGEAR’s original PS/2 version, which received favorable customer feedback and ranked #52 out of Amazon’s 30,921 most popular electronic products. MiniView Micro PS/2 was the top selling KVM switch at Fry’s Electronics in Spring 2003.

“MiniView Micro has been needed for a while. I’ve had two complete systems on my desk for almost a year, and it’s been a nuisance. But every time I researched KVM switches, I got dismayed by pricing, apparent problems and set-up complexity…,” said a MiniView Micro customer on “Finally IOGEAR listened to the market – which is probably considerable – and designed just the right product. It simply nails the market niche. I wish I could give it more than five stars.”

MiniView Micro USB comes equipped with a built-in 6’ KVM cable for simple, secure connectivity. Using Hot Key combinations from the keyboard, users can operate the switch easily. It offers hot swapping capabilities and keyboard and mouse emulation for error-free booting. The product comes with IOGEAR’s three-year limited warranty. For further information on IOGEAR products, please visit