Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus chosen by Air Force Research Lab

Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus chosen by Air Force Research Lab


Bluefire Security Technologies today announced that its flagship product, Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus, has been purchased by the Air Force Research Lab Information Directorate (AFRL/IF) for deployment in its mobile security test bed.

AFRL/IF’s mission is the advancement and application of Information Systems Science and Technology to meet Air Force unique requirements for Information Dominance and its transition to air and space systems to meet warfighter needs. As such, the organization has selected Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus, the industry’s only complete security solution designed for handheld devices, as part of its newly initiated mobile security test bed. The test bed is designed to ensure that the military’s mobile communications will meet and exceed all stringent government requirements while its warfighters simultaneously benefit from the advantages provided by wireless technologies.

“The inclusion of device-level protection in the Air Force Research Lab’s mobile security strategy demonstrates that, while handheld devices are subject to the same basic vulnerabilities as other computing platforms and cannot be overlooked, the risks can be mitigated by deploying a complete security solution,” said Tom Goodman, vice president of operations for Bluefire Security Technologies. “Bluefire is proud to be engaged with the Air Force’s premier research facility and is confident that the results of the mobile security test bed will have broad implications for secure mobile computing in the military and beyond.”

Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus is uniquely designed to secure both handheld devices and the enterprise networks to which they connect. Its rules-based personal firewall engine resides on the device, is easy to configure and customize, and protects against multiple attacks. In addition, the solution provides real-time logging and alerting of all device-level activities, which allow administrators and end-users to track device usage, detect intrusions and identify attack methods for quick and effective problem isolation. Bluefire Mobile Firewall Plus is available for purchase by government agencies through federal GSA schedule (GS-35F-0279J) and NASA’s SEWP III contract.