Mobi Technologies Unveils the Intelligent USB Cable

Mobi Technologies Unveils the Intelligent USB Cable


Mobi Technologies, Inc. announces the release of the first Intelligent USB cable. This product was designed for users to visually monitor the data flow passing through cables and ports. Utilizing a patented circuitry sensing technology (IDS) and LED light indicators, the Intelligent Data Sensing (IDS) connector ends will enable the user to accurately monitor the condition and activity of the data flowing between the computer and peripherals.

Critics have often complained that all cables in the market today are alike. Many versions of the USB cable or extension have the same resulting performance. Whether the cable was free from the manufacturer or bought over the counter, the overall construction, function and design were relatively the same.

Thinking about consumers and their needs is the driving force and inspiration behind our design and manufacturing. Mobi Technologies, Inc. designed the DataSense cable with one major goal in mind: creating a cable that can assist the user in monitoring the success of the connection between the computer and devices.

How many times have we asked ourselves why a file was not transferred correctly? Was the problem with the data or was the connection properly installed? The USB cable that connects these devices is responsible for transferring all data. If ordinary USB cables can’t give a signal or indication when the file or data has been transferred properly and correctly, many users waste time in troubleshooting or simple guessing. The DataSense cable eliminates those headaches by clearly indicating when a file has begun transferring and when it’s completed.

The DataSense cable is designed for any level user. Both connectors’ ends light up clearly when sensing incoming or outgoing data transfer. The light indicator will flash brightly and continuously while data is in the process of transferring. Once completed, the light indicator will switch to idle mode, giving off a low light glow to signal that the connection is in proper use.

Other lighted USB cables in the market can only sense power flow. Mobi’s new DataSense cable is designed to effectively tackle the problems that affect other USB cables in the market today. By providing more than just an ordinary cable, we have created an item that has purpose and functionality that have gone beyond our competitors’ design.

Finally, a USB cable that can do more than just transfer data, it can show the real communication between machines.