Hitachi Develops Wireless LAN-Based Positioning System

Hitachi Develops Wireless LAN-Based Positioning System


Nikkei Electronics reports — Hitachi, Ltd unveiled a positioning data system using a wireless LAN (photo), and said its initial commercial release of such products is set for October.

Hitachi’s wireless LAN-based positioning data system
Although the pricing is not yet determined, the minimum cost for four wireless LAN access points and a positioning data server is expected to be around 3.0 million yen.

Hitachi developed a new system that measures the terminal position to an accuracy of 1m-3m using several wireless LAN access points. The system calculates the terminal’s location and distance from each access point by measuring how long it takes for the access point placed at every 100m-200m in a grid pattern to respond to radio signals sent from the mobile terminal. At least three access points are needed to ascertain the location.”

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