J-Phone changes name to Vodafone K.K.

J-Phone changes name to Vodafone K.K.


J-Phone Co., Ltd. makers of the J-SA06 sha-mail handset and the J-N51 Video Phone announced that on September 5 the Board of Directors proposed a resolution to change the “J-PHONE Co., Ltd.” company name to “Vodafone K.K.” (K.K. stands for “kabushiki kaisha”) as of October 1. The resolution will be subject to shareholder approval at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on September 25.

The change comes after J-PHONE, a member of the Vodafone Group, announced on May 27 it would completely adopt the Vodafone single brand on October 1 in order to fully capitalize on the brand’s association with global services and reliability.

With the view that it is essential to have a unified brand and company name to promote Vodafone’s strong global presence effectively in the Japanese market, a decision was taken to change the company name on October 1, the same day of the brand change.

With this company name change, J-PHONE will make every effort to ensure the trust of its stakeholders is well placed and will strive to offer richer global communications and more innovative services in the future.