Sony Announces the Gameboard EGB-10 and CAR-100 Bluetooth Car

Sony Announces the Gameboard EGB-10 and CAR-100 Bluetooth Car


Sony Ericsson today announced innovative, fun products to go with their mobile phones. The Gameboard EGB-10 is an attachable game controller, which gives a true console-style feeling to playing mobile games. The Bluetooth CAR-100 is a small racecar that can be controlled with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, a great example of the variety of ways in which Bluetooth wireless technology can be used.

Gamers will recognize the form and features of the Gameboard EGB-10, featuring an 8-way control on the left side and four action-buttons on the right, for full two-handed game operation. Different features, such as shoot, jump and brake can be assigned to the action buttons. The 8-way control provides a clear and distinctive sensory feedback for all eight directions, and allows the user to easily ‘roll’ the control 360 degrees.

The Gameboard EGB-10 works with the new Z600 mobile phone and is a perfect match with the tremendously popular V-Rally2 game that comes pre-loaded in the phone. New levels, racing tracks, as well as associated mobile content such as ringtones and MMS-templates can be downloaded from Sony Ericsson’s Fun & Downloads portal or from operator portals. V-Rally2 is one of the most popular games in the console world, selling in large volumes for Sony PS2 and other platforms. The Gameboard is easy to attach to the Z600 mobile phone and together with the rich color screen, polyphonic sound and force feedback, gives a mobile gaming experience which is closer to a ‘real’ game console experience.

For consumers who want to experience a novel type of car racing with the phone, the Bluetooth CAR-100 is the perfect accessory to a Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phone. Not much larger than a matchbox, this little speedster has two gears and can be navigated from up to 32 feet distance with a phone’s keypad or joystick. Easily paired with a mobile phone, the Bluetooth car will provide hours of fun, either racing against other cars or solely navigating down the street or the floor. Only available as a limited edition, the Bluetooth car is set to attract gadget enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Both the Gameboard and the Bluetooth car will be available in Q4 ’03. Gone are the days when mobile accessories consisted of chargers and batteries only. Exciting accessories like these are showing the expansion of Sony Ericsson as an entertainment focused mobile phone company, which is pushing the area of mobile entertainment forward.