EZQuest’s Boa Slim DVD-RW Drive for Macs and PCs Available Now

EZQuest’s Boa Slim DVD-RW Drive for Macs and PCs Available Now


EZQuest’s new external Boa Slim DVD-RW drive for Macs and PCs is available now. The super-small drive weighs less than a pound and measures 6-inches, by 5.5-inches, by .75 inch — just big enough to accommodate a DVD or CD disc. It features both a FireWire and a USB 2.0 port, and Mac and PC software. In addition, it is FireWire bus-powered, making it even more portable. This drive is perfect for backing up large data files, transferring data from one computer to another, making DVD movies and audio CDs, copying CDs, and rewriting CDs or DVDs. It operates at 2x DVD-R, 2x DVD-RW, 8x DVD-Rom, 16x CD-R, 8x CD-RW and 24x CD-Rom speeds.

“The Boa Slim DVD-RW drive is great for storing video and audio files,” said Ebrahim Zmehrir, EZQuest president. “It’s very small and lightweight, and fits easily into a laptop case or briefcase, but it’s also very rugged.”

“The drive comes with top-of-the-line, easy-to-use Mac and PC authoring and backup software,” continued Zmehrir. “This gives it a huge range of powerful features and capabilities. And, it gives people who own both a Mac and a PC the ability to author DVDs and CDs, and do backups, with just one drive.”

Mac authoring software includes Pixela IMX for encoding iMovies to MPEG 2 and burning DVDs, and Charismac for burning CDs and DVDs. PC authoring software includes Sonic MyDVD Video & CD Burning Suite for authoring DVD movies, and burning DVDs and CDs. Mac and PC versions of Retrospect Express for scheduling automatic backups is also included.

The sleek Boa Slim DVD-RW drive comes ready to use with all necessary software, a carrying case and a cable. It is compatible with Mac OS 8.6, Mac OSX and WIN 98SE, as well as later Mac and WIN versions. The drive has a one-year warranty and an MSRP of $359. A USB-only version is also available at an MSRP of $339. Spec sheets and a list of dealers are available at www.ezq.com.