Mobile calls at landline prices

Mobile calls at landline prices


by Matthew Clark, — “In a move that fixed-line telecoms are sure to be delighted with, Irish company mQuery has developed a software tool that will let mobiles function as landlines.

The three-year-old start-up, which until now was best known for its Open SMS application, is set to begin trialing its new Cicero application with customers after signing a partnership with a fixed-line carrier. A full commercial launch for the technology could take place as soon as the first quarter of 2004.

Cicero, a software tool which was previously called Open Communicator, uses the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities in newer mobile devices to wirelessly connect users to a landline though which calls can be made at lower prices compared to standard mobile calls. The main limitation of the application is that Cicero users must be within range of a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi access point. ”

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