Sharp Introduces tiny Megapixel Camera Module – LZ0P3721

Sharp Introduces tiny Megapixel Camera Module – LZ0P3721


Sharp Corporation announces the development of the smallest (volume: 1.44cc) and the thinnest (thickness: 9.7mm) CCD megapixel camera module, the LZ0P3721. The company will also simultaneously introduce the LZ0P3726 with built-in macro functionality. The LZ0P3721 and the LZ0P3726 will be sample shipped in September 2003 and mass production of both will begin in October of the same year.

Demand for camera-equipped mobile phones continues to grow not only in Japan but in the rest of the world as well. The two main classifications of cameras built into mobile phones are the CIF class (100,000 pixels) and the VGA class (300,000 pixels), both of which have mainly been used to take simple pictures to e-mail to friends or to take photo memos. With these images increasingly being printed out or transferred to a PC for viewing, it has become apparent that higher picture resolutions are needed. But the cameras must be able to take higher resolution pictures without increasing the size of the phone, which is why the development of small and thin CCD camera modules is so important.

To develop such a module, Sharp has drawn upon its proprietary technology and know-how to combine a 1/4-inch mega-pixel CCD with a signal processing DSP, a CCD periphery IC, lenses, and passive components, all of which come together with smear-resistant Frame Interline Transfer*2 (FIT) technology to form a compact megapixel CCD camera module with high resolution output capabilities.

Sharp is looking to help mobile phones evolve further by developing smaller and thinner camera modules with increased functionality including higher resolution and optical zoom.

Main Features

1. Smallest mega-pixel CCD camera module in the industry (cubic measurement: 1.44cc)

2. Thinnest mega-pixel CCD camera module on the market (thickness: 9.7mm)

3. Incorporating Frame Interline Transfer (FIT) CCD, realizing a minimum subject illumination of 2 lux

4. Incorporating a high-powered electronic zoom function

5. Also announcing the LZ0P3726 featurs built-in macro (close-up photography) function