DAEWOO Enters Wireless Home Entertainment Market With ViXS’ Video Over IP Chipsets

DAEWOO Enters Wireless Home Entertainment Market With ViXS’ Video Over IP Chipsets


ViXS Systems, and DAEWOO Electronics, announced today that Daewoo is making its debut in wireless home entertainment products using ViXS’ XCode video processor and Matrix dual-channel 802.11a chipsets. Daewoo is working with ViXS to develop technologies and products for streaming high-quality video over local area networks. The video networking technology provides guaranteed wireless delivery of multiple standard and high-definition (HD) video streams over an 802.11a network throughout a home. The first product in development is a point-to-point media access device.

DAEWOO Electronics will showcase its wireless video consumer electronics products in development at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany on August 29 – September 3, 2003 at Hall 7.2.b

Wireless Mobility

DAEWOO Electronics products provide broad flexibility for users to configure their home entertainment as they choose, enabling them to model their devices and networks to suit the available space. DAEWOO Electronics’ digital network technology also allows significant practical advantages through wireless mobility.

The video electronics industry is rapidly moving toward developing and offering lightly portable TFT-LCD-TVs that combine reception and playback without the clutter and physical restriction of cables. DAEWOO Electronics plans to provide substantial and affordable solutions for wireless home networks in the near future to meet this growing market demand. Additionally, DAEWOO Electronics will extend this culture of freedom and versatility to mass-market products as well as high-end solutions.

Based on this concept, DAEWOO Electronics is presenting several applications of wireless networking. As the simplest application, DAEWOO Electronics shows wireless transmission of audio data, that is, home cinema system composed of a rear speaker system that is not wired to the main system. Additional, more advanced technology will enable users to enjoy a wide range of wireless video communications, including the ability to transmit video from one source to multiple receivers. It may prove handy, for example, to be able to watch a programme on two displays, such as a Plasma TV in the living room and a TFT-LCD-TV in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house. Even greater mobility is available via quadruple signal transfer that has the capability to simultaneously stream video to a display, a notebook, a web pad and a PDA.

“Sending high-quality video signals over a wireless home network is extremely difficult,” said Thomas Hey at DAEWOO Electronics. “ViXS’ XCode and Matrix chipsets provide us with unparalleled wireless video processing quality. And, because XCode and Matrix are optimized for use with high quality video like HDTV, we expect it to be the perfect complement to our line of audio/video products for the home.”

The ViXS’ XCode video processor can adjust the bit-rates, resolutions and formats of multiple MPEG video streams in real time, adapting each stream to changing network bandwidth. By managing the video stream, XCode is the first product able to guarantee HDTV and DVD quality video over any type of Internet protocol (IP) network, including 802.11 standards. ViXS’ Matrix is a high-performance, dual-channel 802.11a chipset that guarantees delivery of video streams — including multiple HDTV streams — to multiple devices over a wireless IP network. ViXS’ technology enables products such as digital video recorder set-top boxes to reliably distribute multiple broadcast-quality video streams to any networked display device (such as HDTVs, plasma and LCD TV monitors, PDAs, web tablets, and personal computers) in the home.

“Daewoo joins our growing marquee list of consumer electronics customers,” said Sally Daub, CEO and president of ViXS Systems. “These manufacturers have recognized the value that high-quality wireless video streaming can bring to a home entertainment product. We are the only company that can deliver that full functionality today at a truly cost-effective price point.”