Launches Instant Messenger for Mobile Phones With Continuous Connectivity Across Multiple... Launches Instant Messenger for Mobile Phones With Continuous Connectivity Across Multiple Accounts

SHARE, a privately owned developer and provider of software for smart phones, today launched its Agile Messenger instant messenger service – an innovative communication platform for use with mobile phones. Agile Messenger is the first product of its kind that provides a stable and continuous online connection for instant messaging via mobile phones with the four most popular services: ICQ , AOL , Yahoo! and MSN.

The software can be downloaded for free at, and is currently available for Symbian OS compatible phones, including Nokia 7650 and 3650 and Ericsson P800. The MS Windows Smartphone version will be available soon.

Agile Messenger establishes a simultaneous connection so that users can run multiple personal IM accounts over a single interface on their mobile phones. After a quick and easy set up, Agile’s powerful and efficient platform allows users to instantly begin text messaging on any of the respective chat networks. And once configured, logging on to individual IM accounts is no longer necessary.

“Agile Messenger is the most user-friendly and reliable instant messenger service available for mobile phones,” said Timon Haringa, Technical Director of “Because the online connection is constant and simultaneous with all of the chat networks, users can be truly mobile and never be out of touch with their business contacts or friends. Agile Messenger provides a streamlined IM application to mobile phone users anywhere in the world.”

Agile Messenger allows for secure and confidential conversations with individual contacts using different chat networks. The connectivity remains active as long as users are logged into the Agile Messenger service. Once disconnected, they are instantly signed out of all IM accounts. is also developing a robust collection of additional applications. Among them:

– Agile Lie Detector is a real-time application that measures the amount of stress caused by lying in a person’s voice, which is displayed via a graph on the users’ mobile screen.

– Agile Fighter Bluetooth is a fast-paced kung fu game featuring rich graphics and exciting single- and multi-player gameplay.

– Agile Pets is a virtual pet game for J2ME enabled devices, where players nurture and care for virtual pets on their mobile phones, trying to raise the healthiest and happiest pet within a local community.