Mission3-D Launches Photo-3D 303 Kit Attachment for Digital Cameras

Mission3-D Launches Photo-3D 303 Kit Attachment for Digital Cameras


Mission3-D, providing consumers, gadget lovers and digital photographers the ability to capture, create and share eye-popping 3-D photographs, announced today the launch of their Photo3-D product, the world’s first affordable, user-friendly device that enables anyone to easily take 3-D photographs.

Photo3-D works with any digital camera, and the full product package – Photo3-D 303 Kit – includes everything needed to easily take, see and share 3-D photographs.

“We are thrilled to be first to deliver the simple-to-use technology that will ignite a revival of 3-D photography,” said Michael DesRochers, CEO and co-founder, Mission3-D. “Traditional photos are flat, yet our true form is multi-dimensional. With Photo3-D, pictures have depth, are more life-like, and people are finally able to see themselves the way the world sees them. It’s amazing to see how positively people react to a 3-D picture.”

While many people today have experienced the awesome effects of 3-D movies, few people have enjoyed 3-D photography. While wildly popular back in the 1890’s and again in the 1950’s, nearly two generations today have never seen a 3-D photograph.

“Photo3-D allows people to enjoy images the way they were meant to be seen,” said Sam Ramada, inventor and founder. “People cherish photographs for capturing memories and Photo3-D captures so much more – it’s actually like reliving that wonderful experience, or seeing people like they are right there with you.”

Photo3-D takes just minutes to learn, and anyone who knows how to operate a digital camera and home computer can take their own incredible 3-D photos in a few simple steps: Just attach the camera to the device using the standard tripod socket on the bottom of the camera, take a picture like you normally would, then use the device to take another picture–capturing what is known as a “stereo-pair” of images. Then plug the camera or card into your computer, load the two pictures into the Photo3-D Mixer software, focus, and voila! You have an amazing 3-D photo within seconds. A Photo3-D picture is viewed with the included RC glasses, and can be saved, printed, or emailed just like any digital photo.

“At first, I didn’t think I would take a lot of 3-D photos,” said Karim Raad, one of Photo3-D’s first customers. “Now after using it, I find myself looking for photo opportunities in a whole new way. I talk to more people when traveling now, they ask about the camera attachment, and are always happily surprised to see the resulting photos. It’s so much fun to share the excitement of such a cool new invention.”

Additional Product Details:

Mission3-D’s new Photo3-D 303 Kit includes the patent-pending model 303 camera attachment that makes capturing stereo images fast and easy, plus simple-to-use Photo3-D Mixer software for creating the 3-D image, and contemporary styled Photo3-D RC glasses for viewing the 3-D pictures. The patent-pending Photo3-D RC glasses are exclusively made in accordance with internal lab testing and optimized for photo prints made on desktop inkjet and photo printers, for sharp 3-D photos. The 303 Kit also includes the Photo3-D T100 mini-tripod/hand-held pistol grip used with the attachment to take photos, as well as three high-quality paper 3-D glasses, five paper 3-D viewers, and a 3-D Greetings(TM) card with built-in 3-D viewer for sending your favorite 3-D photo to friends or family.

Pricing and Availability

The reasonably priced Photo-3D 303 Kit is available via the Photo3-D online store at www.Photo3-D.com, or by phone at 1-800-531-3378. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Photo3-D 303 Kit is US$129.