VLI Announces VoIP on 802.11b NEC [email protected] Gphone

VLI Announces VoIP on 802.11b NEC [email protected] Gphone


VLI, a member of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner (WEP) program has licensed WinCE Gphone a Windows CE .NET version of its popular Gphone VoIP software to NEC Infrontia (NEC-i). Combined with NEC-i’s successful [email protected] handheld computers, VLI’s Gphone software provides an inexpensive and convenient telephony solution for NEC-i’s customers.

[email protected] Gphone, as NEC-i is branding the software, is SIP compliant and maintains an industry low of 50 milliseconds of software latency. Combined with VLI’s Gphone Buddy Server, NEC-i is able to offer a complete end-to-end solution for commercial customers looking to combine the best of handheld data communications with voice communications under the wireless environment. “As a leader in Windows CE.Net solutions, we believe VLI’s Gphone technology will further enhance the value of NEC-i handheld computing solutions for a wide range of markets such as retail where the [email protected] is achieving traction,” said Mr. Owada, Group Manager of Product Planning, Web Terminal Division of NEC Infrontia.

For enterprises using Windows CE .NET 4.1 based devices on 802.11 networks, WinCE Gphone 1.0 enables real-time, two-way voice communications through IP-PBX’s and other enterprise server products. VLI maintains an office in Shanghai, China to support customization and integration of WinCE Gphone.

Pocket Gphone and PC Gphone have been marketed for the past two years under VLI’s former name Gtony. Since 2000 there have been more than five million downloads of VLI’s VoIP client software for Windows Powered Pocket PC and Windows PCs.

“Gphone software on NEC-i’s [email protected] device is a complete solution for a variety of vertical industries which value the convenience of a single wireless communications device,” said Bingwei Yao, President and CEO of VLI. “The small footprint, low latency, low bandwidth requirements, and SIP compliance of WinCE Gphone gives OEMs, VARs and integrators a tremendous opportunity to add voice as a differentiator to their Windows CE-based solutions using 802.11 and other wireless networks.”