Sprint and the Sony Music Mobile Products Group Give Name Calling a...

Sprint and the Sony Music Mobile Products Group Give Name Calling a New Meaning


No, your phone isn’t talking to you. It’s singing to you. Today, Sprint, and Sony Music Mobile Products Group announced a new line of downloadable ringers using popular names in the lyrics of a serenade. Amy might hear, “Amy … Amy … Amy … Oh, Amy … Pick up the phone,” while James hears, “James … James … James … Oh, James … Pick up the phone.” These short songs are crooned out by male and female singers — not computer-generated tones.

“Sprint customers want their mobile phones to be a reflection of themselves,” said Chip Novick, vice president of consumer marketing for the PCS Division of Sprint. “Whether that means downloading and playing the arcade games you loved as a kid, shooting and sending pictures of your best friend or setting your own name as a ringer, PCS Vision gives everyone an opportunity to be as unique and distinctive as possible.”

“Name ringers are an exciting new addition to the Sony Music Mobile Products Group’s library of content,” said J.J. Rosen, VP Mobile Products Group, Sony Music Entertainment. “We have had tremendous success providing music fans with the ability to personalize their phones utilizing our different ringer options. With name ringers, we take personalization to the next level.”

The personalized name ringers are the latest in a long line of ringtones offered by PCS Vision(SM). Other available examples include popular songs from the radio, TV and movie theme songs, sound effects, music tones, seasonal/holiday music and voice ringers in both English and Spanish. Name ringers can be found under the Voice Ringers option in a new Names category. Sprint recently announced 2.1 million PCS Vision customers through the end of second quarter, leading the industry in the use of advanced data services. PCS Vision from Sprint includes services that allow customers to take and receive pictures from select PCS Phones; browse the Internet at speeds faster than most dial-up connections; check personal and corporate e-mail; watch clips and stream audio for news and music; download polyphonic, animated and voice ringers, and full-color, graphically-rich games and screen savers, all on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network.

The PCS Vision Premium Pack is available for $15 a month. This includes unlimited access to the PCS Vision Web, unlimited text messaging and $10 per month in premium applications such as games, ringers and screensavers. PCS Vision customers can purchase polyphonic ringers for $1.50 and voice, animated, music tones and name ringers for $2.50.