Samsung SGH-C100 Sleek and Slender GPRS Phone

Samsung SGH-C100 Sleek and Slender GPRS Phone


Samsung Electronics recently announced the launch of the dual band, GPRS SGH-C100, its slimmest colour screen mobile phone ever with a design philosophy inspired by Zen minimalism. Packed with latest features, the SGH-C100 is set to be a hit with trendy and fashionable consumers, winning them over with its simplicity and elegance.

Embodying style and sophistication in a compact package that weighs just 76 grams, the SGH-C100 comes in a two tone silver and dark metallic finish, as well as a keypad design with a simple clean finish and ergonomic sturdy touch. It is a phone that is simple and yet elegant, fully equipped with numerous functions to fulfil the mobile lifestyle needs of the fashion-savvy user.

“The Samsung SGH-C100 is the phone for those who look for a frills-free and yet stylish design that incorporates the simplicity and refined elegance of Zen minimalism. While it is one of the slimmest phones on the market, it certainly does not compromise on features ? with a brilliant 65,536 colour screen, 40-chord polyphonic ring tones, as well as a phone book and personal organiser to help you manage your life. As an affordable phone that offers the very best in form and functionality, the SGH-C100 will certainly appeal to the utility-oriented segment which places an emphasis on style and design,” said Mr TB Choi, Managing Director, Electronics Business Division of Samsung Asia Pte Ltd.

Slim and refined design

At just 17 mm in depth and 76 grams in weight, the SGH-C100 is one of the slimmest colour screen mobile phones in the world, fitting right into your palm or pocket with ample room to spare. The sleek silver metal cover alludes to the style and sophistication of the phone, whose elegance is complemented by the two-tone silver and metallic finish.

65,536 Colours LCD Screen

The SGH-C100 has a brilliant 65,536 colours screen which surpasses all others with its genuine colour display, in rendering life-like images in the sharpest details. The phone can be used to download images, sound and java games. It also comes with 12 built-in wallpapers.

40-chord Polyphonic Melodies

The SGH-C100 puts a symphony in your pocket, with its 40-chord polyphonic melodies which are capable of playing the most accurate sounds ? ranging from sweet jazz to classical music, nature sounds to human voices.

You may also select the keypad tone when you press a key, the message alert tone when you receive a message, and a different tone when you turn the phone on and off. You may also add variety and excitement to your phone alerts by setting up various sound effects.

This allows you to change the way your phone sounds to express your individuality and suit different occasions at all times of the day.

Users can also download new 40-chord polyphonic ringtones from Samsung Fun Club (

Additional Features

The dual-band (GSM 900/1800) SGH-C100 comes with a 500-name phonebook, as well as a personal organiser packed with calendar, to do list, time and date, alarm, calculator and currency exchange features. It is also equipped with EMS, IrDA and WAP 1.2 to meet all your communication needs.

Avid gamers will be delighted with the four exciting games built into the phone ” Honey Ball, Hamster Box, Bowling and Midpman ” which promise a sensory treat with their amazing colour and sound. More to be downloaded free via Samsung Fun Club (

The Samsung SGH-C100 will be available from Aug 6, 2003 at all authorised Samsung dealers/distributors. The recommended retail price is S$368 (2-yr plan, operator plan dependent). This includes the full package of 1 standard battery and a travel adaptor.