Palm and Meetinghouse Deliver AEGIS Wireless LAN Security for Palm Handhelds

Palm and Meetinghouse Deliver AEGIS Wireless LAN Security for Palm Handhelds


Meetinghouse, a leading developer of standards-based network authentication software for wired and wireless local-area networks, announces that AEGIS Wireless LAN Security now provides enterprise-class security for the Palm Tungsten C, a premier handheld device for the professional user. The security software product is the result of a new relationship with Palm, Inc., the world leader in handheld computing. The new solution provides enterprise-class wireless LAN (WLAN) security for the Palm(TM) Tungsten(TM) C handheld.

AEGIS Wireless LAN Security provides the Palm(TM) Tungsten(TM) C handheld with support for EAP-LEAP (Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol), a popular authentication method developed by Cisco. EAP-LEAP provides the enterprise with a high level of WLAN security because it requires mutual authentication. This means both the user and the access point to which the user is attempting to connect must authenticate one to the other before network access is granted, thus protecting corporate information assets.

AEGIS Wireless LAN Security provides user/network authentication that augments the Palm Tungsten C handheld’s existing features that include integrated Wi-Fi support, a built-in keyboard, and the most memory and power of any Palm branded device.

“Security is the killer app in the enterprise wireless LAN market,” said Rebecca Taylor, Senior Product Manager. “We are pleased that Meetinghouse now gives users the power, mobility and greater productivity of the Tungsten C handheld with the assurance of enterprise-class WLAN security.”

“We are excited about our relationship with Palm,” said Dr. Paul Goransson, President of Meetinghouse. “Meetinghouse is again demonstrating its market leadership by going beyond offering just Windows solutions by supporting a full range of enterprise platforms, from Windows to Linux, Solaris, Mac, Pocket PC 2002, and now Palm OS.”

Pricing and Availability

AEGIS Wireless Security for the Palm Tungsten C handheld is available now. It will be downloadable from the Meetinghouse web site directly onto the Palm Tungsten C handheld and will retail for $29.95.