Magellan SporTrak Color Handheld GPS Now Available Nationwide

Magellan SporTrak Color Handheld GPS Now Available Nationwide


Thales Navigation, a leading global provider of GPS solutions, including the Magellan(R) line of consumer products and Thales Navigation professional GPS solutions, announces the nationwide availability of the Magellan SporTrak(R) Color. The new Magellan SporTrak Color is the first handheld GPS offering a color display, three-axis electronic compass, barometer and detailed nationwide maps — all in an innovative, rugged, all-weather design.

The Magellan SporTrak Color follows the introduction of the Magellan Meridian Color to expand Thales Navigation’s family of first color GPS handhelds. With a new 1/8 VGA 240 x 160 pixel color screen, optimized for excellent viewing in all lighting conditions, the SporTrak Color delivers WAAS-enabled high accuracy positioning and integrates a three-axis electronic compass for accurate orientation in any position — whether moving or standing still. It also equips users with a built-in barometer enabling weather predictions.

With the lightweight, pocketsize Magellan SporTrak Color, users clearly see the difference color makes when viewing the integrated nationwide map database, which includes highways, major roads, waterways, parks, airports and more. Color map details — including street detail, topographic contours, points of interest and marine charts — are even more pronounced with map detail from the optional Magellan MapSend(R) software family when downloaded into the large built-in memory.

The features of the SporTrak Color give you all of the great advantages of GPS navigation in a full-color, compact, lightweight, rugged package:

Full Color

See where you are and where you’re going in vivid color on a large 240 x 160 pixel, high contrast, full-color display. Color enables you to easily see your location and route, and to easily differentiate between roads, interstates, parks, waterways, airports and other Points of Interest at a glance.


Like carrying your own little weather station, there’s no need to worry about what might be rolling in.

3-Axis Compass

A clear advantage over the competition, SporTrak Color offers an innovative 3-axis compass which orients no matter how it’s held, providing added confidence. You don’t need to hold the unit level like a compass or a 2-axis electronic compass (found in many GPS devices), to get an accurate reading. Hold it naturally.


The SporTrak Color uses WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) and the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS) to provide the maximum GPS accuracy and reliability available. Tracking up to 12 satellites to locate your position to within 3 meters, you can rest assured that with the SporTrak Color, you will know where you are.

Easy to use

An intuitive interface and keypad provide direct access to key features, putting the power of GPS at your fingertips.

Built-in mapping of North America or Europe and expandability

Start navigating right away with the impressive, 10 MB, built-in mapping database of North America or 11 MB for Europe, including highways, major roads, parks, waterways, airports, cities and marine navigation aids, such as buoys, beacons, lights and more. Easily expand your mapping capability by downloading detailed maps from optional Magellan MapSend software products.

Full Featured Navigation

Nine customizable graphic navigation screens include a map, compass and speedometer with text readouts of heading, bearing, speed, direction, ETA, and more. Choose from 12 built-in coordinate systems and 76 datums including Latitude/Longitude, Universal Transverse Mercator, and Military Grid Reference System.

Store routes and track-points

Store up to 20 routes, 500 waypoints and 2,000 track-points to easily find your way back again.

Save Track-to-Route
The unique, Save Track-to-Route feature allows you to convert complicated track files into easy to follow routes. Save hundreds of routes by transferring them to a PC using optional Magellan MapSend software.

Sun/Moon positions

SporTrak Color shows you when the sun will rise and set, as well as the phase of the moon, for any date and location in the world.

Fish and game calculator

Want to know when the fish are likely to be biting in your little corner of the world? The Magellan SporTrak Color can tell you.

Satellite status

Monitor the GPS satellites in view and get information about their status.