Antec Puts Laptop Overheating on Ice

Antec Puts Laptop Overheating on Ice


Antec, Inc., a manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories for the upgrade and build your own (BYO) markets, is making laptop overheating a thing of the past with the launch of its Notebook Cooler.

Designed to draw a continual flow of cool air across the computer’s hottest surface, Antec’s Notebook Cooler fits directly underneath a laptop. Its aluminum surface helps conduct heat away from the system and its 388 ventilation holes keep a steady distribution of airflow from two 70mm fans.

The Notebook Cooler is lightweight (25 ounces) and slim (13” x 11.2” x 0.85”), so it can easily be transported along with a laptop in any standard carrying case. It comes with a 30” USB power cable and can be used with PCs or Macs. Additionally, the Notebook Cooler’s pass-through USB connector allows the laptop’s USB port to be kept free for other devices such as mice or PDAs.

“Anyone who’s ever used a laptop knows that overheating is a major frustration. It not only causes system crashes, but also impacts overall system stability and lifespan,” said Scott Richards, Antec vice president of sales and marketing. “Despite this, there weren’t any high-quality products available to address the problem, so it was only natural that we extend our expertise in PC cooling to notebooks.”

Antec’s Notebook Cooler is currently available for $39.95 at major retailers, e-tailers and distributors. For further information, please visit