M-Systems’ Smart DiskOnKey now Bootable

M-Systems’ Smart DiskOnKey now Bootable


M-Systems’, Smart DiskOnKey platform has again stretched the boundaries of the USB flash drive category by adding bootable functionality to its DiskOnKey family. The new easy-to-use application adds to the Smart DiskOnKey platform’s growing list of features giving partners the only trusted solution to replace floppies as boot utility or system repair disks. Now users can rely on the renowned capabilities of the DiskOnKey and truly have a legacy free system without carrying external drives.

“The Smart DiskOnKey platform demonstrates the next level of advancement and is synonymous for everything that can be developed for this device,” said Blaine Phelps, director of worldwide marketing for M-Systems’ DiskOnKey Business Unit. “The new boot feature extends the capability of the device and gives our partners a solution for those seeking a legacy-free bootable device. Through the platform and with new capabilities in development, we think the DiskOnKey is poised to be the only true multi-purpose technology tool capable of impacting multiple markets.”

With one click of the mouse and without the need of format disks or CDs the DiskOnKey is boot-enabled. Making the DiskOnKey bootable through the basic input/output systems (BIOS), the company implemented open source, general publicly licensed FreeDOS developed by FreeDOS.org. Engineers at M-Systems devised a unique methodology for the computer’s motherboard to initiate data transfer once it has recognized the DiskOnKey is plugged into a USB port. All DiskOnKeys carrying the DOK T4 chip are boot capable, which can be easily activated through the specially designed bootability graphical user interface (GUI).

“We believe the new bootability function will provide users with a world of benefit including those owners with slimline laptops that no longer need to carry their external disk or CD drives,” continued Phelps.

Application Availability

The Smart DiskOnKey platform offers an array of capabilities and supporting applications that are often designed to the specifications of partners. For clarification and availability of specific applications, check with their specific customer service outlets for details.