HP Photosmart 1.3 Megapixel Mobile Camera for the iPAQ Pocket PC

HP Photosmart 1.3 Megapixel Mobile Camera for the iPAQ Pocket PC


HP today announced the HP Photosmart Mobile Camera, a high-performance digital camera accessory that allows you to capture, share, and even send a digital image directly to a Bluetooth™ enabled printer – all with your iPAQ Pocket PC.

With a 1.3 MP resolution and 4X digital zoom in a 1.1ounce package, the Mobile Camera offers features found in a full size digital camera at the fraction of the size. This is one of the lightest Pocket PC camera options to utilize the SDIO (secure digital input/output) slot, offering customers fast data transfer rates.

“The HP Photosmart Mobile Camera allows customers to transform their iPAQ Pocket PC into a true mobile digital imaging center,” said Rick Roesler, director, iPAQ product marketing HP Personal Systems Group. “People can conveniently capture and share images with the great quality and ease of use they expect from HP.”
Simple and seamless

With the Mobile Camera, capturing memories on your iPAQ Pocket PC is easy and convenient. Automatic settings allow you to quickly capture the image while the Mobile Camera sets the appropriate light levels, shutter speeds, and exposure times. Even recording life’s moving memories is easy. With digital video capture, users can record digital video and also include a personal audio message to play while viewing the images.

The images captured by the Mobile Camera can be shared with family and friends directly from the iPAQ by sending an email or even printing a photo directly from the iPAQ. Through the iPAQ’s infrared or Bluetooth wireless connection, the image can be sent to a Bluetooth enabled printer, like the HP Deskjet 450, instantly producing a high-quality photo.

Transferring images from the iPAQ to a desktop or notebook is seamless. Once docked in its cradle, new images saved on the iPAQ are automatically moved to the PC. From there you can easily email images, print photos, create slideshows and more.

In order to enhance the mobile experience, the Mobile Camera is designed to work seamless with other HP products like printers and cameras. Common file formats and naming conventions ensure that digital content can move easily between devices. A common user interface with similar icons and similar physical features like dials and buttons also ensures that these products work ‘better together.’

Flexible and personal

With its articulating lens, the Mobile Camera allows users to rotate the lens a full 180 degrees to take images in a variety of angles. Adjusting the focus also allows far-field and close-up images to be captured.

The Mobile Camera also allows you to create personalized slideshows to share your images. By adding sounds or transition effects, these slideshows can become treasured memories for friends and family that can also be saved on a CD. Web albums can also be created and shared with others through www.hpphoto.com.

Customers that want to enhance their digital photos with a more creative approach can also manually adjust the sharpness, saturation, and contrast through an on-screen menu system.

The Photosmart Mobile Camera also includes HP exclusive applications that allow customers to get more from their Mobile Camera like:

– HP Mobile Printing for Pocket PC – This added application makes it seamless for users to print documents and images directly from the iPAQ to Bluetooth, infrared and network printers.

– HP Photo Center – This photo editing software suite provides editing capabilities such as red-eye reduction, color and brightness adjustment, and cropping as well as tools for albuming, sharing and creating slideshows.

– HP Photo Unload – Once the iPAQ Pocket PC is docked in its cradle, this software utility automatically scans the iPAQ for new images and moves them directly to the specified directory.

The HP Photosmart Mobile Camera is expected to begin shipping in October 2003.