AirSpeak Flair Tablet Thin Client Model with Windows Just Released

AirSpeak Flair Tablet Thin Client Model with Windows Just Released


AirSpeak Incorporated is now shipping the Flair™ tablet thin client with the Windows operating system. New features available with the Flair™ tablet include Internet Explorer 5.5, Windows media player, file viewers for MS Office and PDF documents, the RDP 5.1 advanced terminal services client as well as improved networking and security capabilities.

The Flair™ tablet high resolution XGA display, dual PCMCIA expansion slots and integrated 802.11b wireless LAN drivers remains unmatched in the mobile thin client market. Flair™ tablet models are also available with a hi-brite (63% brighter) anti-reflective daylight readable screen technology allowing usage outside under the most common ambient conditions.

Also now shipping are several new tablet models (FLRTAB-120, 150, 220, 250) with an integrated capability for a wireless keyboard. These models, which utilize full sized keyboards with integrated trackballs and mousing, allow fast data entry when required without the hassles of tablet docking or connecting wires. Qualification of additional barcode scanners, magnetic card scanners, storage media cards, Bluetooth adapters and CDMA and GPRS wide area network modems for all Flair™ tablet models makes vertical market solutions easy to configure.

In addition to the networking and multimedia improvements available under Windows, AirSpeak has included new software utilities to manage the tablet system configuration and applications via local or network storage as well as file transfer protocol (ftp) and hyper text transfer protocol (http) network connections. New international software keyboards (US, UK, French, German, and English) and support for international hardware keyboards is now standard. Support for other languages is available upon request.