KeyCrypt – World’s First Mulit-Functional USB Token for Logical & Physical Access

KeyCrypt – World’s First Mulit-Functional USB Token for Logical & Physical Access


DigiSAFE Pte Ltd. (“DigiSAFE”) has announced the launch of the world’s first multi-functional USB token for both logical and physical access, KeyCryptTM. Incorporating a powerful cryptographic smartcard chip, a RFID tag and a USB mass-storage device into a single tamper-proof packaging, KeyCrypt aims to create an entirely new security experience.

In bringing about this new first-of-its-kind token, DigiSAFE and Schlumberger Smart Cards and Terminals, signed a Memorandum-of-Understanding to jointly market and sell this product. Both companies will develop innovative products that complement KeyCrypt and extend its capabilities.

The USB mass-storage portion of KeyCrypt can be used for storing users’ data files and software components such as a VPN client, an e-mail client and device drivers needed for the token. These software components bring about a whole new “client-less” user’s experience, where users are able to remotely read email and access their network securely at any time, anywhere outside their offices.

DigiSAFE has also incorporated the 125kHz proximity technology into KeyCrypt. The technology, primarily used for physical door access control, is integrated in KeyCrypt to enforce total access security policy for a company. The result is that users only require a single device for accessing protected physical locations and computer systems.

KeyCrypt will be available in various configurations to cater to different users’ requirements. The product will be bundled with utilities and drivers that enable users to manage private and public keys, as well as certificates and data objects stored in the token. The Integrator’s Kit CD-ROM, which contains administrative tools and integration guides, will be provided to system integrators who are interested in integrating KeyCrypt with end-user applications, while the Application’s Developer Kit CD-ROM will be for software developers who are interested in integrating KeyCrypt with their software products.

Today, KeyCrypt has already been integrated with a wide range of enterprise applications such as Windows 2000 Domain Logon, S/MIME on Outlook Express, wireless LAN authentication, secure web access through Secure Socket Layer, and also DigiSAFE’s suite of secure applications which includes DigiSAFE NetProtect Virtual Private Network Client and DigiSAFE Secure PC Logon.