SOFTAVA Q12 Keypad Technology

SOFTAVA Q12 Keypad Technology


Mobile Burn Reports: It seems that we are rapidly approaching the point where the traditional 12 key keypad is no longer going to be able to keep pace with the ever growing feature set that modern mobile handsets keep adding to. Most everybody agrees that T9 was a giant step ahead when compared to the old triple-tap method, but few would argue that it still isn’t optimal when entering large amounts of text.

As we saw with Fastap a while ago, companies are trying to come up with new twists on the old 12 key keypad design. Trying to keep the design somewhat familiar to users, all the while offering more flexible and rapid text input – something a 12 key numeric keypad was never intended to do.

One of the newest offerings I’ve stumbled upon is the Q12 design from SOFTAVA. You might know that name since SOFTAVA developed the Silkyboard accessory for PalmOS devices.

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