Sony UPX-C200 Digital Passport system with Bluetooth Unveiled

Sony UPX-C200 Digital Passport system with Bluetooth Unveiled


Sony has announced the availability of the UPX-C200 Digital Printing System, which features direct printing from the camera without the need for cable connections or a camera docking station. With Sony’s new UPX-C200 model, images can be transmitted from the camera to up to three printers wirelessly using Bluetooth™ technology.

“Sony is once again changing the world of instant photography,” said Jay Dellostretto, vice president of digital photography marketing for Sony Electronics. “Now, with our UPX-C200 Digital Printing System, it’s a snap to capture an image, transmit and print it all without wires or any other transferring media.”

The UPX-C200 model features a completely new design and consists of a 4 mega-pixel (3.98 pixels effective, 4.13 pixels gross) digital still camera that allows a user to perform all functions through the camera including image capture, preview, print layout and printing. The digital photo printer produces photo-like prints at a high resolution of 403 dpi and also features a compact, space-saving design.

The system offers versatile printing solutions. The printer can produce up to 22 different layouts on 4″x 6″ media, including one full-bleed mini portrait and two 2″x 2″ passport ID photos. With the 3 ½”x 4″ media, 17 different image layouts are available.

Sony has designed the system so that it can be configured wirelessly to work with three printers, eliminating the need to swap out paper trays and change print packs. Customers can use the UPX-C200’s modular printing system to keep their operation going without any downtime – when configured with multiple printers, the system enables a user to take and print digital photos simultaneously.

The UPX-C200 also includes a PC connectivity kit that allows all images stored in the camera’s memory to be saved to a PC or removable recording media. The bundled software allows users to manipulate the page layout to print multiple subjects and different size images.

Additional features of the UPX-C200 system include:

* Advanced camera design: The camera features a 1.8 inch swivel-LCD display that can be adjusted 90 degrees; and can store up to 200 images. Images remain on screen until the next photo is taken. Sony has eliminated the need for a user to switch between Camera Mode and Play to review and print photos.

* Space-saving printer design: The printer takes up minimal counter space, measuring only 8 (W) x 3 3/8 (H) x 12 1/8 (D) inches. Printers can be stacked allowing the printer to be used in the smallest retail space.

* Versatile printing: Two print packs – 3.5 x 4 inch and 4 x 6 inch – are available. Users can choose from up to 17 different image layouts with the 3.5 x 4 inch pack, and print two different images on one sheet of media. Users can choose from 22 different image layouts with the 4 x 6 inch pack, including one full bleed mini portrait. This media also lets users print different size images and up to three poses per sheet of media.

* The UPX-C200 conforms to all major standards for identification photos. The UPX-C200 Digital Printing System package includes all necessary accessories for easy set-up, including PC software, batteries and a battery charger. Print media are not included.

* With its simple design and quick printing, the UPX-C200 Digital Printing System is a revolutionary passport and true mini-event system – a perfect option for on-site photo needs, such as ID photos and passport photos.

Pricing & Availability

The UPX-C200 model can be purchased by calling Sony at 1-800-328-SONY and through authorized Sony resellers. It will be available in August for a suggested list price of $1,495. For more information, visit