Intel Releases Compilers for Wireless Devices

Intel Releases Compilers for Wireless Devices


Press Release: Intel Corporation has introduced its first compilers to help developers write applications for Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture-based PDAs, cell phones and other wireless devices using Intel® XScale™ technology-based processors.

Software developers use compilers to translate such programming languages as C++ into the language understood by the processor. An efficient compiler is an important part of helping software run at top speeds.

The new Intel® C++ Compiler for Microsoft eMbedded* Visual C++* is part of Intel’s suite of compilers, which also includes tools for Intel® Pentium® 4, Intel® Xeon™ and Intel® Itanium® 2 processors. Developers can now use one set of tools for applications that span enterprise, home and mobile computing devices based on Intel processors.

“Availability of these new compilers means developers now have optimized tools to improve the performance of applications spanning Intel-based mobile and wireless devices, desktops and servers,” said Jon Khazam, general manager of Intel’s Software Products Division. “Our detailed knowledge of processor architecture allows us to design tools for the Intel XScale technology, Pentium 4, Intel Xeon and Intel Itanium 2 processor families that bring out the best in Intel-based computing and communication systems.”

Optimized for Intel XScale technology-based processors, applications built with the new compilers should exhibit improved graphical quality, enhanced user-interactivity and better communication with other devices in a network. Personal productivity applications, games and core cell-phone operations and utilities can also realize performance benefits.

“By switching to the Intel® C++ compiler and tools for Intel XScale technology, we achieved a 45 percent performance improvement in the core parts of our voice-over-IP application for handheld devices,” said Mats Perjons, director of product management, Global IP Sound. ** “In addition to this impressive performance improvement, the compatibility and quality of technical support that Intel provided were important factors in selecting the Intel compilers for software development targeted at handheld devices.”

The new compilers support many features already available in version 7.1 of the Intel® C++ Compilers for Microsoft Windows* and offer full support for Intel XScale technology-based processors, including the Intel® PXA25x and the Intel® PXA26x. Key features include support for Intel® Wireless MMX™ technology, compatibility with Microsoft Windows* CE .NET Platform Builder and Embedded Visual C++, interprocedural optimization, floating-point emulation libraries, support for Microsoft-specific intrinsic functions, and, in a version for system manufacturers, debugging extensions that simplify system development.

The compilers are available in two forms: the Intel® C++ Compiler for Microsoft* eMbedded* Visual C++* is available for the suggested list price of $399 and is intended for application development use. The Intel® C++ Compiler for Platform Builder for Microsoft* Windows* CE .NET is available for the suggested list price of $1,499 and is intended for OEM and system integrator use. Each product is available today from Intel and resellers worldwide for download and on CDROM. More information is available at