Hitachi SH-G1000 Phone Now Available Nationwide from Sprint

Hitachi SH-G1000 Phone Now Available Nationwide from Sprint


Press Release: There was a time when businesspeople were judged by how many devices they carried with them. But starting today, they will be judged by how many devices they leave behind. The Windows Mobile-based PCS Phone by Hitachi Model SH-G1000 is the first Pocket PC to integrate a rotating camera, built-in keyboard and wireless phone all in one device. The Hitachi G1000 combines the functionality of a Pocket PC with the advanced wireless data applications delivered by the faster data speeds of the Enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. It is now exclusively available nationwide to Sprint customers for a suggested retail price of $649.99.

Sprint continues to demonstrate what it means to be a leader in innovation and wireless business solutions by extending our portfolio of smart devices to include Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC Phone Edition,” said Phil Bowman, vice president, business marketing for the PCS Division of Sprint. “The Hitachi G1000 is a powerful tool that lets you leave your laptop behind and continue to get business done. Now, customers have a wireless device that combines the familiarity of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, the speed and coverage of the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network and clarity of a PCS Phone. It’s an amazing combination for employees or individuals who want to be more productive while away from their desks or on the move.”

The Hitachi G1000 is a first-in-its-class “converged device” meaning it offers the power of a PC and convenience of a wireless phone in one compact unit (8.4 oz, 5.8” x 3.3” x 0.9”). It comes loaded with Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs, 32 MB of memory, 400 MHz Intel XScale TM Processor and 65K TFT (Thin Film Transistor) color display. In addition, it is the first wireless Pocket PC device to feature a built-in QWERTY keypad and scroll dial. This single band PCS Vision Phone by Sprint also incorporates a rotating VGA-quality digital camera and is equipped with an SD expansion slot with multimedia card capabilities.

“The Hitachi G1000 is more than the sum of its parts. This combination of telecommunications, software capabilities and portable form factor provides a powerful, portable tool for today’s communications users, wherever they may be on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network,” said Shigeru Matsuoka, general manager of Mobile Information & Communication Appliance Division, Hitachi, Ltd. Ubiquitous Platforms Systems Group. “Hitachi’s first-ever Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC device continues the history of innovation for which Hitachi is known and equips the user with all the tools needed to quickly gather information and take action. It truly is the type of appliance that reflects Hitachi’s desire to be a ‘Best Solutions Partner’ to our customers.”

“Today, Sprint extends our shared vision of empowering people to do more of what matters to them by staying in touch with people and information wherever they are via a single device,” said Juha Christensen, corporate vice president for the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “The Hitachi G1000 with Windows Mobile software offers powerful mobile computing capabilities to corporations and their employees who want to leverage existing IT infrastructure, knowledge and applications through a familiar Windows experience and development tools.”

Standard Windows Mobile applications include Microsoft Pocket Excel, Outlook, Word, Windows Media Player, Microsoft ActiveSync, Inbox and MSN Messenger. Customers have easy access to thousands of other software titles based on the Windows Mobile software platform available on the PCS Software Store at

Customers will be able to take advantage of Picture MailSM to quickly and easily snap, send and share images with colleagues, friends and family using the built-in digital camera. Customers with a monthly PCS Vision Service Plan that includes Picture Mail will also be able to store photos at and at Sprint business channels including the PCS Direct Business Sales Force, the Sprint Business Dealer Network (SBDN), and members of the PCS Business Solutions Program indirect enterprise channel.

PCS Vision from Sprint offers advanced wireless services that keep customers wirelessly connected to the online world wherever they live, work and play. This next generation service provides improved applications through enhanced data speeds, thanks to the strength of the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network, built from the ground up with next-generation technology in mind.