Nikon D2H Digital SLR with 802.11b Capabilities

Nikon D2H Digital SLR with 802.11b Capabilities


Press Release: Nikon Canada today announced the crowning jewel of its line of DX Format products for professional photographers. The Nikon D2H debuts as the much-anticipated, high-speed, total image quality Digital SLR camera that photojournalists and photo enthusiasts have been looking for.

Nikon also announced three new innovative lenses, a brand new wireless flash system and an advanced Nikon Capture software, all compatible with the Nikon D2H, as well as other Nikon Digital SLRs, that allow professionals the highest standards of flexibility, creativity and return on investment.

“The Nikon D2H is a major step forward in Nikon innovation,” said Peter Burke, President, Nikon Canada. “It features the first Nikon-developed DX sensor and an impressive array of exclusive features to improve speed, response, resolution and handling that will establish it as the professional’s choice in photojournalism and sports photography.”

Since the launch of the D1 series and successful introduction of the Nikon DX Format in September 1999, Nikon has been conducting extensive research into the needs of photographers in every field and discipline. This research, coupled with painstaking analysis of feedback from Nikon users worldwide, has led to a string of technological and design innovations for the Nikon DX Format, aimed at enhancing system performance for the serious photographer.

Nikon D2H

The Nikon D2H is the first Digital SLR in the world capable of continuous shooting at eight frames per second for up to 40 consecutive JPEG or 25 RAW (NEF – Nikon Electronic Image File) full-resolution (2,464 x 1,632-pixel) images. The Nikon D2H also offers the shortest 37ms shutter time lag of any Digital SLR today, making this camera as responsive as the highly-acclaimed Nikon F5 professional system film SLR. Instant power-up means the D2H is ready to shoot when you are. Together, these high-speed functions give photographers exceptional control over moving subjects and rapidly unfolding events.

The Nikon D2H has an image resolution of 4.1 effective megapixels. “We chose a four megapixel resolution as the right combination to achieve the speed and image quality we wanted to have with this camera,” says Burke. “Photography is about more than megapixels. It’s about superior optics and having the right camera to do the job. The Nikon D2H gives professionals the speed they’re looking for along with legendary Nikon image quality superior to any Digital SLR on the market.”

Nikon’s exclusive new JFET imaging sensor LBCAST, the first Nikon- designed sensor, combines performance innovations to reduce power consumption and minimize digital noise, all while increasing speed and image quality. The new sensor, designed around the DX Format, is built to read two channels of data from each pixel simultaneously (both in NEF-RAW and JPEG) to achieve maximum speed in image reproduction and to deliver the instant responsiveness that professionals need to capture the moment.

Another milestone technology incorporated in the Nikon D2H is the camera’s new Multi-CAM 2000 Autofocus (AF) Sensor Module, which ensures quick response and razor-sharp focus in all shooting conditions. This high-speed, high-precision AF system features 11 sensors of which nine are cross-type sensors that effectively cover the majority of the image area.

Despite being a powerhouse of Nikon technologies, the D2H comes in an easy-to-handle magnesium alloy body that is tightly sealed to resist exposure to dust and water drops – and sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of globe-trotting photojournalism. Photographers will especially appreciate the large buttons and controls, all logically placed for smooth, intuitive handling. The camera’s ergonomic design and styling was created by famed industrial designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, exclusively for the Nikon D2H. Wireless Freedom for Professional Photographers

Wireless Transmitter WT-1

The Nikon D2H takes digital photography to the leading edge of professional shooting technology with wireless capabilities that allow photographers to transfer photos and sound data back to a studio or newsroom wirelessly using the optional Wireless Transmitter WT-1 and IEEE 802.11b compatible access points. Photographers have more freedom of movement and the ability to deliver photos on deadline.

Speedlight SB-800

Wireless is also a key feature of Nikon’s new Speedlight SB-800 multiple flash system. The SB-800 forms the core of a new Creative Lighting System optimized for the D2H to make advanced wireless lighting as easy to use as a single on-camera speedlight. The new i-TTL Flash Control system delivers outstanding results as well as new creative possibilities. This system allows photographers to use up to three remote i-TTL speedlight groups controlled through a multi-channeled master SB-800.

Nikon DX Lenses

Although professional photographers can use their existing arsenal of film lenses with Nikon Digital SLRs, Nikon DX lenses are developed exclusively for use with Nikon DX Format Digital SLR cameras, providing a circle of coverage that matches the DX sensor exactly, and eliminating the chromatic aberration and distortion often found with other systems. DX Format lenses are lightweight and compact, allowing photographers more portability and manageability with their systems.

– AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED Wide-angle to Medium Telephoto Lens This versatile wide-angle to medium telephoto 3.2x zoom lens is the perfect complement to the D2H, designed to cover the most practical focal range for all Nikon Digital SLRs. When mounted on any of the Nikon D2H, D1-series or D100 Digital SLR cameras, the picture angle is the equivalent to 25.5 ~ 82.5mm on a 35mm format camera. This multi-purpose lens maintains a fast f/2.8 aperture, making it general-purpose and easy-to-use for all photographers shooting multiple types of scenarios.

– AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED Lens An important addition to the Nikon DX format Digital SLR lineup, this is the first fisheye lens developed exclusively for DX Format cameras as well as the first to achieve a full-frame 180 degrees picture angle. The ultra-wide-angle focal length of 10.5mm brings digital camera users a picture angle equivalent to that of a 16mm fisheye lens on a 35mm format camera.

– AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 200-400mm f/4G IF-ED Super Telephoto Lens Targeted at serious photographers, this lens can be used with both film and Nikon D-series SLRs. When used with a DX Format Digital SLR, this lens offers incredible range, operating as a 300-600mm supertelephoto lens, with a picture angle up to the equivalent of 900mm with the TC-14EII and 1200mm with the TC-20EII teleconverter. It features Nikon’s Vibration Reduction (VR) system and exclusive built-in SWM (Silent Wave Motor) for fast, quiet autofocus.

Nikon Capture 4

Nikon Capture 4 is a comprehensive image-editing and remote camera control software package that fully supports NEF (Nikon Electronic image File), TIFF and JPEG images from the D2H. Features of the new version include Image Dust Off sensor dust & particle shade removal control, Digital DEE(TM) scene-specific automatic dodge and burn control, a transformation function that creates two varieties of ultra-wideangle image from those shot using the AF DX Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED, as well as improved batch processing.

Product Availability

All products are scheduled to be available in October 2003 at authorized Nikon Canada professional dealers.