Samsung Electronics Unveils the World’s Fastest Mobile CPU

Samsung Electronics Unveils the World’s Fastest Mobile CPU


Press Release: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today announced the S3C2440, the world’s fastest mobile CPU, with a core speed of 533MHz. The new mobile CPU will drive the emergence of new services, functions and multimedia content for mobile handheld devices such as PDAs and smartphones.

“The increasing popularity of mobile applications is driving the demand for high-performance, low-power mobile processors, “ said Vice President Yun-tae Lee of the Mobile Design Project Team at SOC R&D Center, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung developed its newest 533MHz processor using its unique high-speed process and low-power design technology in conjunction with an optimized power management methodology for high performance operation from a minimal power source.”

The S3C2440 enables value-added end-user features such as camera interface, TFT & STN LCD display support, SD/MMC/SDIO, USB host and device, and touch screen interface. By providing a comprehensive set of common system peripherals, the S3C2440 reduces overall system costs and eliminates the need to configure additional components.

The S3C2440 CPU supports major operating systems including Microsoft Windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian and Linux. The device also offers the advantages of a built-in NAND flash boot loader so that high-density NAND flash memory can be used without having to install an additional support chip.

The S3C2440 features an ARM920T core, a 16/32-bit RISC microprocessor for high performance in a small form-factor and a low core voltage of 1.3V. In addition, it is developed using 0.13um CMOS standard cell and a memory compiler and adopts Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA).

A recent Gartner Dataquest forecast reveals the global application/ multimedia processor market is expected to reach 25 million units in 2003 and leap to 170 million units by 2007. Samsung’s high-speed, low-power mobile S3C2440 CPU is sampling now in 533MHz, 400MHz, and 300MHz versions and will be in mass production from Q4 2003.