Macnica Exhibits Mobile Phone with Tiny UV Sensor

Macnica Exhibits Mobile Phone with Tiny UV Sensor


Macnica Inc. exhibited an ultraviolet sensor, no bigger than grain of rice, at the Embedded Systems Expo & Conference (ESEC), which opened in Tokyo on July 9, 2003.

The sensor is a surface-mount type, measuring 2.54mm x 2.0mm x 1.1mm. It is “possibly the world’s smallest” ultraviolet sensor responding only to UV-A and UV-B waves, according to Macnica.

The sensor is sensitive to a wavelength range of 270nm to 410nm (UV-A and UV-B waves). Having almost no sensitivity to visible light, it does not work as an illumination sensor.

In the demo, an evaluation board was connected to a mockup of a mobile phone containing an embedded UV sensor. Macnica demonstrated an application that produced an animated image of a growing sprout on the evaluation board’s LCD panel when the phone was exposed to UV light.

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