Fujitsu, Motorola Develop Fingerprint Recognition Technology for PDAs

Fujitsu, Motorola Develop Fingerprint Recognition Technology for PDAs


As features promising enhanced security for personal communications products continue to grow in importance, Motorola, the world leader in wireless and embedded solutions and Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd announce the porting of new fingerprint sensing and recognition technology with Motorola’s i.MX family of applications processors. This porting makes it easier for developers to incorporate state of the art fingerprint sensing, recognition and access permission into designs for smart handheld products such as PDAs.

“This represents an important new enhancement in the already feature-rich i.MX family of applications processors,” said Kenny Cheung, Asia Pacific region general manager for Motorola’s Wireless and Mobile Systems Group. “We are excited the Fujitsu fingerprint recognition technology is now available on the i.MX family as it is a robust technology which really takes security to a whole new level. Consumers will be very satisfied with the end experience.”

The Fujitsu technology is unique because it is able to recognize fingerprint patterns no matter how you put your fingertip on the sensor, the sensor can read it and determine whether it is recognized. Once recognized as the authorized user of the device, it will grant access to the device.

“Fujitsu is pleased to be able to work with Motorola’s i.MX processor to support the Fujitsu Fingerprint Sensor,” said Satoru Igarashi, president of Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte Ltd. “Motorola’s i.MX processor, based on ARM technology, supports various operating systems while its smart speed technology is an ideal candidate for high intensity image processing. I am equally impressed with the extensive development suite and reference platform support from Motorola. It has enabled us to complete the reference solution in a shorter period of time than expected.”

Motorola helped launch the handheld computing industry with its best-selling DragonBall™ applications processor, and remains a category leader with the technological advancements of its i.MX family. i.MX processors feature an integrated suite of software and reference designs designed to greatly accelerate the creation of next-generation mobile communication products. As part of Motorola’s Innovative Convergence™ portfolio of processors, the i.MX family is engineered to allow manufacturers to develop cost-effective wireless-enabled smart handhelds with a full range of capabilities, such as digital image capture, file sharing, wireless connectivity, e-commerce using smartcards, multimedia entertainment and more – all with low component count, long battery life, and exceptional performance for additional applications and features. For more information, go to


Motorola’s i.MX Application Development Systems, ADS, are available now from Motorola and their distributors. The Fujitsu Microelectronics fingerprint recognition and sensing technology including a plug-in board for Motorola’s i.MX ADS and associated Linux based recognition engine and drivers will be available from Fujitsu and their distributors later this month.