Wi-LAN Launches LIBRA 5800 5.8 GHz with 41 mile range

Wi-LAN Launches LIBRA 5800 5.8 GHz with 41 mile range


Press Release: Wi-LAN Inc., a global provider of market-leading broadband wireless communications products and technologies, launched LIBRA 5800 today at WCA 2003. LIBRA 5800 is the license-exempt 5.8 GHz version of Wi-LAN’s third generation series of Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) products. LIBRA is the only product series today that uses the same W-OFDM (Wide-band Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) technology that has been approved as the mainstream physical layer in the IEEE WirelessMAN Standard 802.16a and in the current draft of ETSI HiperMAN. This wireless Metropolitan Area Network (wireless MAN) W-OFDM delivers robust outdoor NLOS performance that Wi-LAN has proven in various commercial networks in over 30 countries worldwide. LIBRA 5800 delivers powerful and spectrally efficient performance of up to 32 megabits per second (Mbps) data rate in narrow 10 MHz channels and a range of up to 66 kilometres (41 miles) in a point-to-point configuration, or an aggregated data rate of up to 192 Mbps per six-sector cell and a radius of up to 35 kilometres (22 miles) in a point-to-multipoint configuration. LIBRA 5800 also features multi-layered security and has tiered service management and user-friendly network management, all in a new lightweight, easy to install, weatherproof, single unit design.

“LIBRA is the only product series today that uses the 256-carrier W-OFDM specifically designed for outdoor wireless MAN applications,” said Dr. Sayed-Amr (Sisso) El-Hamamsy, President and COO, Wi-LAN Inc. “All other OFDM-based products currently utilize 64-carrier W-OFDM, which was originally designed for short-range indoor local area networks (LANs) and is sub-optimal for long-range outdoor use. With the LIBRA 5800 we offer our customers worldwide the most robust non-line-of-sight solution available today in the license-exempt 5.8 GHz band.”

LIBRA 5800’s effective throughput is very competitive with other 5.8 GHz OFDM-based wireless offerings, and its effective spectral efficiency is best-in-class. This allows customers to provide more throughput with limited spectrum. The following table compares the throughput and spectral efficiency of LIBRA 5800 with wireless products based on 64-carrier W-OFDM that is similar to the IEEE Standard 802.11a. While 64-carrier IEEE 802.11a-like W-OFDM products boast a maximum link rate of 54 Mbps, the effective (TCP) throughput is comparable to LIBRA 5800, and the effective spectral efficiency of these products is much less than LIBRA 5800 because they use twice as much spectrum: