NTT Docomo touts fingerprint-friendly mova F505i handset

NTT Docomo touts fingerprint-friendly mova F505i handset


NTT DoCoMo, Inc. and its eight regional subsidiaries announced today that they will begin marketing the Mova F505i, the first Japanese handset to incorporate fingerprint authentication technology, from July 11, 2003.

The F505i features a fingerprint sensor to prevent unauthorized handset use. The user can lock or unlock the mobile phone simply by placing a pre-registered finger on the sensor. Up to 10 fingerprints can be registered by following the handset’s authentication mode procedures.
The F505i also boasts the longest video clip recording time of any mova handset. The handset comes with a 16MB miniSD card that can store 29 minutes of video clips or 1,040 photos saved in the i-shot™ small-size format. By combining the 16MB miniSD card with the handset’s intrinsic memory, the F505i has a maximum recording time of 67 minutes enabling it to capture and store up to 11 six-minute video clips.

This is the fifth model in the 505i series of enhanced i-mode 2G handsets. Equipped with a Macromedia Flash™ browser, 505i handsets can access a broad range of Java rich content and applications with highly fluid animation.

The latest handset comes with a 2.2-inch, 262.144 QVGA high-resolution screen, and a built-in CCD camera with an effective resolution of 1.28 mega-pixels. A maximum 1.23 mega-pixel resolution is realized when photos are printed out.

The F505i is also equipped for i-appli DX™, the enhanced i-appli™ service providing access to a wide range of content and applications. Downloadable Java applications enable users to highly customize layout and other features of the F505i’s address book and call log, as well as i-mode mail services.

The F505i will be available through all DoCoMo sales channels. The price of the handset, including miniSD card and adaptor, will be open (unfixed). The standard accessory kit, including battery pack, AC adaptor and desktop holder, will cost 5,100 yen *.