Fido to Carry Danger HipTop Device this fall

Fido to Carry Danger HipTop Device this fall


Press Release: Danger, Inc. and Microcell Solutions Inc. today announced an exclusive agreement to bring Canadian consumers innovative wireless products based on Danger’s hiptop® Wireless Solution and Microcell’s Fido brand and national GSM/GPRS network. Microcell will be the first and exclusive carrier in Canada to offer Danger’s hiptop device to consumers, and the third in North America to do so (following T-Mobile USA and Triton PCS).

Danger and Microcell plan to bring the hiptop mobile device to market in the fall 2003 timeframe. The product will be a wireless all-in-one device that combines a fully featured mobile phone with a variety of data communication applications, including an HTML Web browser, embedded e-mail account, instant messaging, personal information management features, games and optional camera attachment.

“Microcell is committed to working with industry leaders like Danger to provide the devices and technology that our customers want the most,” said Alain Rhéaume, President and Chief Operating Officer of Microcell Solutions. “This niche needs to be filled in the youth market in Canada and this is the perfect solution.”

Danger’s hiptop technology has won rave reviews from customers in the United States, becoming a must-have accessory for young adult consumers―including celebrities, musicians and athletes―who are seeking communication on any terms.

“We are pleased to be working with Microcell to deliver a high-quality wireless experience to their customers in Canada,” said Hank Nothhaft, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Danger, Inc. “There is tremendous enthusiasm for the hiptop device in the United States. Now, Danger and Microcell will bring this popular technology to customers across Canada.”