Nokia introduces first GSM module for machine-to-machine applications

Nokia introduces first GSM module for machine-to-machine applications


The Nokia 12 GSM module offers Java(TM)-based application development with support for EDGE and location service

Simultaneously at the annual Nokia Press Update in Helsinki, Finland and the “Image is Power” event in Singapore, Nokia announced the Nokia 12 GSM module. The Nokia 12 is a compact and intelligent GSM module for machine-to-machine, mobile-to-machine and machine-to-mobile (M2M) applications and other wireless solutions that can be integrated into devices during assembly. A Nokia M2M Platform compatible product, the Nokia 12 GSM module can also act as a cellular modem or be remotely controlled via text messaging. With support for Java (TM) technology, location services and offering a wide range of data bearers, the Nokia 12 GSM module makes application development cost effective and fast. Operating in the GSM 900/GSM1800 and later also in the GSM 850/1900 bands (Americas region), the Nokia 12 GSM module is planned to be available in Europe, Africa and Asia in the fourth quarter, 2003.

“The Nokia 12 GSM module introduces a new meaning for remote control. It enables you to control your equipment and applicances from a distance, in the office, at home and on the road,” said Janne Jormalainen, Vice President, Mobile Enhancements Business Unit, Nokia Mobile Phones. “The Nokia 12 GSM module provides corporations with a substantial amount of increased efficiency when installed, for example, into pumps or meters. The Nokia 12 GSM module can also help improve fleet and resource management when coupled with external GPS support. Similarly, device manufacturers can integrate the Nokia 12 GSM module into a variety of devices, such as sprinklers, air conditioners or household appliances, thus providing M2M benefits to the home.”

Java enables effective application development with lower costs and faster time to market. The Java Virtual Machine allows the application being executed in the Nokia 12 GSM module, minimizing the need for extra hardware in the remote device. Remote IMlet downlading enables updating and downloading of the applications without need to visit the remote locations on-site.

With support for EDGE, GPRS, HSCSD, CSD and SMS (where available) as data bearers, the Nokia 12 GSM module can operate in a wide variety of networks.