Omnivox FeONIC Portable Speaker

Omnivox FeONIC Portable Speaker


Employing the groundbreaking FeONIC™ ‘smart material’, the Omnivox™ converts the desktop or work-surface into an audio speaker, ideal for use with a micro-portable multimedia projector, laptop computer or portable DVD player.

‘Smart material’ refers to a class of material that has been designed and manufactured to react in a predetermined way, according to changes in the environment. FeONIC™ technology is centred on harnessing a particular category of ‘smart material’ called Giant Magnetostrictive Material; this is capable of contracting and expanding in a highly controlled and reliable manner.

The Omnivox™ can be connected to any audio output utilising a 3.5mm stereo jack socket and can reproduce a wide range of audio frequencies, operating between 200 Hz and 16 kHz at a volume of 80dB, perfect for boardroom presentations. When used with a laptop or handheld PC, the presentation can be given added impact, the boardroom table acts as the audio speaker. With most portable presentation products such as laptop PCs, micro-portable multimedia projectors and portable DVD players, their audio speaker capability has been compromised by their size, Omnivox™ reinvigorates their performance. As Omnivox™ uses the boardroom table or work-surface to produce ‘diffused’ sound, there are not the usual problems associated with the directional sound generated by conventional loudspeakers.

The neat styling of the Omnivox™ is deliberately low key, allowing audiences to focus on the presentation rather than the technology, its auto-sensing AC power adapter complete with multi-changeable plugs, means that the world traveler will always be able to use the Omnivox™. Its compact design, measuring just of 80mm x 33mm, make it ideal for packing in a brief case or multimedia projector carrying case.