Metrowerks Offers Development Solution for Creating Linux® OS-Based Mobile Computing Devices

Metrowerks Offers Development Solution for Creating Linux® OS-Based Mobile Computing Devices


The creation of mobile computing devices powered by the Linux® operating system and Java™ technology just got easier with the launch today of the Metrowerks OpenPDA™ platform and Metrowerks CodeWarrior™ for OpenPDA Application Development Tools.

The OpenPDA platform is a comprehensive development solution that offers professional grade tools, commercial software, integration services and training designed to speed and simplify the creation of mobile and network-connected computing devices for enterprise, industrial, consumer and other markets.

OpenPDA solutions enhance innovative hardware designs with industry-leading software for increased productivity and advanced application development. The Metrowerks OpenPDA platform is designed for systems based on ARM® and MIPS® technologies, and includes a pre-integrated framework containing GUI and Java technology combined with a Linux operating system kernel, to help significantly reduce development cycles and speed overall time to market. OpenPDA solutions also include the Metrowerks Platform Creation Suite, an intuitive GUI-based development environment used to configure, build and deploy the OpenPDA platform.

Metrowerks is working with the world’s leading semiconductor companies to enable developers to port OpenPDA applications to several different silicon architectures. During the coming weeks, Metrowerks plans to announce OpenPDA support for two widely-used reference boards.

“As wireless manufacturers continue the migration to devices based on the Linux operating system, developers need a standard platform, such as OpenPDA solutions, along with commercial-grade tools, middleware, training and licensing services to fully leverage the advantages the Linux operating systems provide for building cutting edge, mass-market mobile devices,” said Berardino Baratta, Metrowerks CTO and vice president, Linux Solutions Group. “The Metrowerks legacy of supporting the development community continues with the introduction of the OpenPDA solutions, which help developers bypass time-intensive systems-level integration tasks and get a head start on what they do best – developing applications.”

The Metrowerks OpenPDA software development platform leverages the technology of leading companies including the Trolltech Qtopia multi-language user interface, the esmertec integrated Java Virtual Machine and the Opera Software full-featured Web browser. Extended capabilities such as desktop synchronization utilities and mobile networking are also included, along with an enhanced Linux kernel and drivers for improved systems performance and reliability.

Key features and available services for the Metrowerks OpenPDA Platform include:

Embedded Linux development tools (Platform Creation Suite)
Application development tools (CodeWarrior™ IDE integrated with Qt/Qtopia development kit)
Embedded Linux OS source code from Metrowerks
Enhanced Linux kernel and drivers for improved system performance and reliability
OpenPDA BSP for reference boards based on ARM and MIPS technology along with quick-start guides, user manuals and other documentation
Integrated middleware and applications from leading vendors such as Trolltech, esmertec, Opera and Synergenix Interactive
Development and production licensing and royalties available direct from Metrowerks
Professional services such as configuration, optimization, systems analysis and testing, all available from Metrowerks.

Availability and Pricing

Additional information about Metrowerks OpenPDA Platform Creation Suite and the CodeWarrior tool suite for OpenPDA are available from Metrowerks by telephone at 800-377-5416 or +1-512-997-4700, and by e-mail at [email protected] Pricing and availability outside the U.S. and Canada are available by contacting Metrowerks International Sales Offices listed at or by e-mail request to [email protected] For information on OpenPDA, visit

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