FlyCam 1.3 Megapixel PDA SD Camera

FlyCam 1.3 Megapixel PDA SD Camera


FlyCAM-SD is a PDA camera compliant with SDIO Interface. It’s the first SD-camera solution in the world with Flash Light and 1.3 Mega pixels. With the FlyCAM-SD you have the ability to take snapshots and record video.

It turns your PDA not only to a digital camera , but also to a Digital Camcorder.

Your can immediately watch your recorded video and send it out by e-mail. Or transfer them to your desktop PC, and watch them with the Microsoft Media Player.

Live Video Preview
– The frame rate of display on PDA is up to 30fps
– The live preview window size is from 160×120 to 320×240 ( Full screen )
– Self-view / Portrait / landscape display mode
– Full screen display at 320×240 landscape (240X320 portrait)
– Realtime Video quality adjustment in Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Hue

Snapshot Still Images
– Supports to capture still images in JPEG, BMP, and GIF formats
– Browse picture in Thumbnail view mode
– Image size from 320×240 (240X320) to 1280×1024 (1024X1280) at true colors.
– Built-in flash light
– Self-timer from 1 to 15 seconds

Record Full-Motion Video
– Frame rate of captured video is up to 30 fps
– Allows user to convert the captured video files to GIF animation format for greater portability
– Thumbnail window for convenient video clip browsing and selection
– Supports complete control of video playback on PocketPC
– Able to record AVI (sync with audio) file on PocketPC and playback the AVI file on desktop PC by Mediaplayer without any conversion
– Able to Send Video via E-mail by one-touch button
– Customized hardware capture button.