V5 Personal Video Conferencing Player by VIA and Nimble

V5 Personal Video Conferencing Player by VIA and Nimble


VIA Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, and Nimble Microsystems, Inc., a computing and communication system solution developer in Cambridge, MA, have introduced the Nimble V5™ Personal Video Conferencing Player, an ultra compact yet complete mini-PC based on the VIA Digital Media Platform comprising the power-efficient VIA C3™ processor and the digital media optimized VIA UniChrome™ CLE266 chipset. The tiny, stylish Nimble V5 was available for private viewing last week at the VIA showroom at CeBIT America 2003.

Measuring only 2″x7.7″x7.7″-about the size of a paperback novel-the Nimble V5 Personal Video Conferencing Player fits easily onto any desktop in the house or office and operates silently, drawing only about 12 watts of power. Through a unique heat pipe cooler for the low power VIA C3 processor, Nimble Microsystems has created a quiet device that users can comfortably leave on for 24 hours a day, every day, without worrying about running up their energy bill or enduring the annoying fan noise associated with standard PCs.

The highly compact Nimble V5 device is ideal for friends and families to stay in touch through video, voice, text, email, instant photos and file exchanges, allowing individual users to enjoy multi-modal video conferencing that until now has only been available through broadband Internet services at high subscription rates.

“As broadband becomes the primary home Internet connection solution, the demand for home networking and additional PCs has brought the added burdens of noise and increased power consumption,” said Nimble Microsystems CEO, Dr. Jeng-Feng Lee. “Thanks to the superb thermal and physical properties of the VIA C3 processor, we were able to design the Nimble V5 to eliminate these problems and combine all the capabilities of an email appliance, web browser device, IP phone, router, KVM switch box and complete PC quietly and at a fraction of the cost and size of dedicated video conferencing devices or comparable PCs.”

“Users today are no longer willing to pay for products that are noisy, unattractive or limit them to a feature set that they know is a compromise,” said Richard Brown, Associate Vice President of Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “Nimble Microsystems has taken full advantage of the efficiency and performance of the VIA Digital Media Platform to create an x86-based video communication device that exceeds the features of most proprietary devices that typically cost far more.”

The Nimble V5 runs Microsoft® Windows® XP and enables real time video, voice and text communication using Microsoft Messenger or other Internet messenger services. It is equipped with a built-in speakerphone that provides high quality, full-duplex echo-free audio for Voice over IP conversations. It shares a monitor, keyboard, mouse and router with existing PCs and is networkable without a router, enabling it to fully utilize broadband Internet connections with other PCs.

About the Nimble Microsystems V5

The Nimble V5 is a full PC running Microsoft Windows XP (Windows CE.NET optional) that comes with applications already preinstalled and ready to use. Built-in network interface connections with embedded Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) capabilities allow users to share existing Internet connections without a router. Nimble V5 supports the latest 802.11 wireless technology along with traditional Ethernet, providing high-speed, reliable Internet connectivity.

The list price of Nimble V5 is US$699, and it will be available from the third quarter of 2003 through Nimble Microsystems or its channel partners. A site dedicated to the Nimble V5 will be launched at www.NimbleV5.com.


CPU / Chipset VIA C3 Eden 667MHz
Memory 256MB DDR266 SODIMM (expandable to 512MB)
Hard Drive 30GB
Display Support 1280×1024 maximum selectable resolution and
up to 32-bit color
Audio AC 97 compatible,
Built-in Microphone,3W Amplifier, 4Ohm speaker,
3.5mm stereo jack x 2 (Ear/Mic Jack)
Front button V5/PC switch button
Two Channels indicator
Volume Control Knob
Mic mute Button
Status Indicator V5 channel (Blue); PC channel (Orange)
Power Output: 18V DC, 3.4A
Input: Auto-sensing 100-240VAC,
50-60Hz Universal
I/O ports USB (2.0) x 4, Ethernet Port x 2, PS/2 x 4, VGA x 2
Network Connectivity IEEE 802.3 10/100BaseT x2
IEEE 802.11 Wireless PCMCIA
Operation System Windows XP Home Edition / Professional Edition
Dimensions 5.2 x 19.5 x 19.5 (cm)
(W x D x H) 2¡¨ x 7.7¡¨ x 7.7¡¨ (in)
Expansion Slot PCMCIA Type II slot x1
Weight 2.2lbs/1.0kg
Operation Environment Temperature: 32¢XF to 96.8¢XF (0¢XC to 36¢XC)
Humidity: 20% to 80% (non-condensation)
Accessories Power adapter, Ethernet Cable, KVM cable, User Manual
Regulatory Approvals FCC, UL, CE