Fido Brings Mobile Internet Access to Prepaid Subscribers

Fido Brings Mobile Internet Access to Prepaid Subscribers


Fido has officially launched mobile Internet services for prepaid customers, extending the availability of Web-based services and access to all Fido(R) customers who have a handset with GPRS capabilities. Prepaid subscribers can now use their handset to access sites specifically designed for wireless navigation.

“Fido was the first Canadian company to offer both a national prepaid digital service and fast wireless Internet access through GPRS and now the two have come together,” said Nathalie Marceau, Director of Marketing for Microcell Solutions. “Prepaid subscribers can now download ring tones, wallpapers, and games, and access Internet sites for information wirelessly.”

Fido has found the simplest way to charge prepaid customers while they are connected to the Web. The basic principle is easy: one voice minute is equal to one data minute. Rather than charging by megabytes, customers’ accounts are debited at the same rate as they are with their voice service, depending on the type of airtime voucher loaded in their account. Current Fido prepaid customers with a GPRS-enabled handset can simply call Customer Service to have mobile Internet access activated in their account.

“The mobile Internet fits today’s lifestyle perfectly and the majority of our new handsets are GPRS-enabled,” said Ms. Marceau. “Customers can use their phone to find out which movies are playing tonight, call their friends to arrange a meeting place, and play an on-line game while they’re waiting.”