MyOrigo Unveils the First Motion-Controlled Smartphone

MyOrigo Unveils the First Motion-Controlled Smartphone


Press Release: An entirely new usability concept for smartphones was unveiled today that will radically shake-up the mobile device market. mydevice, designed by Finnish company MyOrigo, and powered with intent®, the multimedia software platform from Tao Group, makes use of unique motion control and “touch & feel” technologies. Consumers can make calls, search the web, schedule meetings, take pictures, send emails, view & edit documents and much more in a completely intuitive way.

mydevice Functionality
Suitable for both business and consumer use the device incorporates the latest mobile phone functionality, including multi-network support (Triband, GSM, GPRS), texting (SMS, MMS, full QWERTY keyboard), Web browsing, contacts book, scheduling & alerts, email, document reader, VGA camera and an MP3 player. However, it is the user interface and the accessibility of the services that will really set mydevice apart from other smartphones:

mydevice Key Differentiators

Motion Control
Dominated by a 176 x 320 full colour display, the screen adjusts as the user moves their hand to allow for tilting, scrolling and zooming. Turning the device through ninety degrees allows the user to choose portrait or landscape views depending on what suits the content better. Motion control is used by all applications.

My Book User Interface

Using the motion of flicking the corner of a page, users of mydevice can leaf their way through documents and windows – one of the most intuitive ways available to access data


Viewing pages in full is easy on the mydevice.  Imagine yourself looking at your own face in a pocket mirror. To see you left eye you tilt the mirror to the left, to see your mouth you would tilt the mirror down.  The principal is the same for web browsing. Imagine that a virtual web page is projected in front of your face to see each corner simply tip the device.

Haptic Touch & Feel Sensitive

Touchscreens can be awkward on mobile devices so the mydevice has a touch & feel screen. The device actually responds as you touch the screen making it more like touching a real key than a virtual one. The full QWERTY keyboard makes writing an SMS or email easy. And the mydevice has done away with the fiddly stylus stick operation, opting instead for the simplicity of finger touch.

“The network operators and branded handset manufacturers that have already seen the device were blown away by its “wow” factors. MyOrigo already has a strong relationship with the Spanish operator Telefónica and we are expecting to make some big announcements in other European territories in the coming months.” Commented Johan Granholm, VP Sales & Marketing at MyOrigo.

Tao’s intent® multimedia platform gives MyOrigo access to an unrivalled breadth of multimedia and application execution features, such as audio, video, media plug-ins and Java technology, enabling user interface and application suite customisation.

Francis Charig, Chairman and Chief Executive of Tao Group commented: “Platform technologies that have evolved from the convergence between phone and PC have serious limitations – particularly when delivering the quality of multimedia content that consumers demand. Through the revolutionary advances from MyOrigo and Tao, network operators can deliver the calibre of services required to attract the size of user base needed to generate revenue and grow the operator’s brand.”

Pricing and Availability

The mydevice will be competitively priced, dependant on retail outlets and network subsidies. Volume high street sales will commence in the UK in the autumn with other territories to follow.