Nextel, Motorola and Symbol Technologies Offer First Wireless Bar Code Scanner for...

Nextel, Motorola and Symbol Technologies Offer First Wireless Bar Code Scanner for Mobile Phones


Press Release: Nextel Communications Inc., Motorola, Inc. and Symbol Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability of the first bar code scanner attachment for mobile phones. The Symbol PSM20i allows mobile workers to use their phones to collect information wirelessly and in real time. This solution combines the accuracy and reliability in laser-based bar code scanning with the extensive voice, data and application capabilities of Nextel’s Java(TM) technology-enabled phones from Motorola. Transformed by Nextel’s wireless data network into a robust tool for mobile connectivity, the Symbol PSM20i bar code scanner attachment provides workers with the information and business support systems they need to operate efficiently.

The bar code scanning attachment works seamlessly in conjunction with Nextel’s wireless data service to provide field sales and service personnel with access to and transmission of critical information at their point of activity. In addition, it helps to reduce data entry errors and enables integrated applications for specific industry or business use such as asset management, mobile pick-up and delivery tracking, inventory fulfillment, sales force automation, and supply chain and inventory management.

The compact, one-ounce Symbol PSM20i bar code scanning attachment clips directly onto select Motorola iDEN® phones for Nextel, including the i88s and the i58sr–two handsets with on-board assisted global positioning system (AGPS) capabilities. When the bar code scanner is attached, Nextel customers simply use the Direct Connect(TM) Push-To-Talk(TM) button, located on the side of every Nextel handset from Motorola, to initiate an instant scan.

“The Symbol PSM20i is less bulky than traditional bar code scanners, as well as being fully integrated into our Java and iDEN platforms,” said Ernie Cormier, vice president, Business Solutions, Nextel. “Thousands of applications have been deployed across multiple industries. With the Symbol PSM20i, we are mobilizing those applications to enable real-time information delivery, accelerating return on investment, reducing costs, and delivering real value to our customers.”

This multi-vendor solution is a powerful example of Nextel’s Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) initiative, which combines applications, services, tools and the support companies need to achieve high performance by delivering real-time information to mobile decision makers at any location, enabling quick response among workers in the field and streamlining operations through faster exchange of information.

“Symbol’s bar code technology solution complements our strategy to provide value-added products that help to improve productivity and profitability for businesses, and that easily integrate into a worker’s environment,” said Peter Aloumanis, vice president and general manager, US Markets Division, Motorola’s iDEN Subscriber Group.

By using the Symbol PSM20i bar code scanning attachment, a Motorola iDEN phone becomes the ultimate mobility tool. In a typical scenario, a service worker uses the scanner-enabled phone to immediately scan the bar code on a needed part, accesses the cellular network, uses the phone’s Java technology-based application to identify a local depot with that part in stock, hits the dial key to call the parts manager at the depot, and arranges for quick courier delivery.

“The addition of high performance, laser-based bar code scanning to Motorola’s mobile phone platforms enables a broader array of businesses to enjoy the productivity improvements possible with automated data capture technology,” said Bob Sanders, vice president and general manager, Symbol Technologies Scanner Products Division. “Providing mobility solutions for mission-critical applications is Symbol’s forte, as demonstrated by the key piece we are providing to this new solution.”

PSM20i users may utilize third party or internally developed application software to enable the functionality of the bar code scanner. For example, AirClic, a Web-based software and services platform company, can provide the software, client/server development platform, and/or application hosting that allow for rapid deployment of mobile bar code scanning applications. Applications for the product may include package tracking, time and activity management, and parts and work ordering by field service personnel.

The Symbol PSM20i bar code scanner is available for $249. For more information about service plans and pricing visit