MiTAC unveils all-in-one Mio 8380 Smartphone

MiTAC unveils all-in-one Mio 8380 Smartphone


MiTAC International Corporation’s revolutionary smartphone made a dazzling debut at Taipei’s Far Eastern Hotel today. Differing from traditional phones with their near-exclusive focus on voice calls, the Mio 8380 exemplifies MiTAC’s innovative approach to wireless communications products, as the company has developed a device that is truly at the forefront of technology advances.

The Mio 8380 smartphone integrates the Internet, entertainment, audiovisual media playback, digital photography, audio recording, personal information management, and e-mail into a mobile phone with a large high-resolution color screen. With the Mio 8380, the mobile phone has embarked on a totally new era, marking a paradigm shift from being a portable device for transmitting and receiving voice to a platform that ties together all strands of the digital universe. MiTAC is providing consumers with an exciting new user experience, providing them with a personalized mobile high-style life (M-Life) through the Mio 838, while also offering the opportunity to take advantage of the vast potential of mobile commerce (M-Commerce).

The clamshell-style Mio 8380 is a tri-band color mobile phone supporting GPRS as well as GSM 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz, making it compatible with cellular networks virtually anywhere in the world. Its high-resolution 65,000-color 2.2″ TFT-LCD screen is large enough for browsing photographs or watching videos. Moreover, even in bright sunlight, the LCD provides clear, realistic image quality for the best possible viewing experience. The integrated digital camera provides a 110K pixel optical sensor and advanced functionality such as auto-focus and auto-brightness controls. Photographs can be saved as screensavers, and even digital video clips can be shot and stored on the phone itself or on an SD/MMC flash memory card.

MiTAC’s New Media Business Unit General Manager Samuel Wang stated, “Integrating Internet access, AV playback, and multimedia functionality into a mobile phone with an easy-to-use Windows-based user interface and an open networking architecture is the only way to really make a full range of data access and exchange wireless.” The Mio 8380’s advantage lies in its successful combination of powerful capabilities and a user-friendly operational interface. Using the Microsoft Windows® Powered Smartphone 2002 software platform, which makes the phone completely compatible with Windows PCs, the Mio 8380 not only provides capabilities such as voice calls, MMS, MSN, and SMS (Short Message Service), but also integrates PC Internet tools such as the Internet Explorer browser, Outlook e-mail client, and Microsoft Messenger messaging client. In addition, it allows the user to record audio, keep track of personal information, play back multimedia files, send and receive multimedia-enhanced messages, and manage their schedules.

Mark Johnston, Director of Intel’s Communications Products Sales Division for the Asia-Pacific Region stated, “Wireless telecommunication devices require greater performance and lower power consumption in order to increase the range of their capabilities and extend battery life. MiTAC’s smartphone takes excellent advantage of Intel’s wireless communications technology and integrated functionality. Intel is extremely pleased to partner with MiTAC in successfully launching the first smartphone to combine telecommunications, computing, flash memory storage, and other elements in a single device. We hope to pursue with MiTAC joint development of even more advanced wireless products to satisfy expanding market demand.”

The Mio 8380’s built-in Windows® Media Player provides playback of WMV, WMA, and MP3 files. Taking advantage of the high-performance Intel® XScale™-200MHz CPU and built-in Phone Player software, the Mio 8380 can efficiently handle AV media, such as video in the MPEG-4 compression format. A ring tone generator and editor with 40 pre-set polyphonic ringtones allows users to personalize their Mio 8380 while enjoying amazingly clear, bright sound quality. In addition, the Mio 8380 supports color graphics, ringtones, screen wallpapers, and even downloadable Java games to satisfy a diverse range of individual user needs.

The Mio 8380 smartphone incorporates the Internet Explorer browser and e-mail capabilities for easy access to online information. Moreover, the Mio 8380 supports data interchange and synchronization with a PC through the Mio 8380’s infrared port, USB cradle, or connection cable. The Mio 8380 provides a greater range of added functionality than traditional mobile phones, which typically support only basic personal information management and data synchronization with Outlook. Users of the Mio 8380 can retrieve e-mail anytime and from anywhere, as well as use it to browse the Web and keep up with the latest information. With the Mio 8380, the mobile phone has been transformed into a miniaturized computer, allowing users to perform tasks usually reserved for a PC–such as enjoying video, browsing digital photographs, playing games, and listening to MP3 files. As the development of wireless communications technology and markets moves toward the incorporation of such features as color screens, data transmission, and multimedia playback, the Mio 8380 Windows smartphone and its successors promise to be leaders in the field.

Mio 8380 Smartphone Product Features

*Advanced networking capabilities: Internet Explorer web browser, SMS/MMS support, e-mail client, Microsoft Messenger

*PDA functionality: to-dos, address book, daily planner, data exchange and synchronization, audio recording and playback

*Personalization: 40 polyphonic ringtones, color graphics download software

*Open platform, superior expandability: Plentiful third-party support for applications, internal digital camera

*User-friendly operation interface: Instant access to five major functions from main screen, shortcut key for moving up screen levels, speedy menu-driven controls

*Mobile multimedia entertainment: MP3 music and MPEG-4 playback, photo browsing, games