Creo Announces First 22 Million Pixel Camera Back with Portable Power and...

Creo Announces First 22 Million Pixel Camera Back with Portable Power and Large Format Solution: Leaf Valeo 22


Creo Inc. (NASDAQ: CREO; TSX: CRE) announces the Leaf™ Valeo 22 digital camera back for in studio and portable shooting. It utilizes a newly developed 22 megapixel CCD that is designed for medium and large format photography. In studio, the Leaf Valeo 22 camera back features live video view and electronic shutter control. On location, the Leaf Valeo 22 offers one of the fastest capture rates in the industry and a burst rate of eight frames. A detachable 6 x 7 cm display and removable Digital Magazine provides Leaf Portable Power. Demonstration units are available from July 2003 and commercial shipments begin September 1, 2003.

New Technologies

The Leaf Valeo 22 camera back contains a mega-sized sensor. The 4,056 x 5,356 resolution in a sensor size of 48 x 36 mm provides exactness and diminishes moiré issues. Raw data files reach 126 MB in 16 bit. Advanced imaging technologies include the 16 bit Leaf High Dynamic Range (HDR) raw data format; Leaf double-sensor-readout (DSR) technology, and the 512 MB internal memory buffer for eight fast continuous frames. Other features include:

· Full lens coverage: The CCD imaging area fits the 6 x 4.5 lens-coverage. Focal length needs minimal conversion, thus lens perspective usage is the same as with film. The 3:4 classic photographic ratio is efficient and minimizes cropping.

· Fast frame rate: The fast capture speed is achieved with a unique DSR technology that doubles the capture rate without sacrificing image quality.

In Studio – Large Format Power

The Leaf Valeo 22 camera back features a complete digital solution for the studio photographer. An optional large format solution includes live video view, and electronic control of shutter speed and aperture. This allows the photographer to compose, focus and adjust lighting by viewing the large computer monitor. The shutter speed, aperture steps in 1/10 f-stop intervals, and electronic control allow the Leaf Valeo 22 to capture accurate and consistent images.

On-location –Portable Power with 22 Million Pixels

The entire Leaf Valeo camera back family integrates optional Portable Power, a unique approach for portable professional digital photography with innovative solutions for image storage and display. The Leaf Valeo camera back works with a removable 5 GB or 10 GB Leaf Digital Magazine for storing hundreds of uncompressed 16 bit images. The Leaf DP-67 is a detachable 6 x 7 cm image display and control unit based on the HP iPAQ pocket PC. It acts as both a “digital proof” and a “personal photographic assistant”.

The Leaf Valeo 22 fits into the established Leaf workflow consisting of the Leaf™ Capture V8 and Leaf™ oXYgen image and editing applications, which cover all needs from capture to RGB/CMYK print.

Leaf Valeo Availability and Upgrade Options

Two upgrade options are being offered to assist photographers who want to work digitally today and be among the first in the world to use the new Leaf Valeo 22 camera back. Option 1: Purchase a Leaf Valeo 11 now and be among the first to receive the Leaf Valeo 22. The cost of the Leaf Valeo 22 is only the difference in the price of the trade-in. Option 2: Upgrade to the new Leaf Valeo 22 by receiving trade-in value for any existing camera back. Offer valid until September 30, 2003. For more details about the upgrade options, contact Leaf by visiting

Creo Leaf: A History of Innovation

Leaf introduced the world’s first digital camera back, the Leaf DCB, in 1992. Leaf continues this tradition with the Leaf Valeo portable and in-studio digital camera backs. Other Leaf products include the Leaf™ Volare, Leaf™ Cantare XY camera backs, and the Leaf™ Capture V8 and Leaf™ oXYgen image editing applications. For more information about Leaf, visit