Zupera Technologies New GPRS Mini Notebook

Zupera Technologies New GPRS Mini Notebook


Zupera Technology (Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China) announced today two new Mini Notebooks with GPRS built-in.

The New models Smartbook-7c and Smartbook-8XP include an embedded GPRS dual mode module (single SIM, 900MHz / 1800MHz) to meet standard global wireless platforms. The Smartbooks feature an integrated keyboard (English), two pointing devices, stylus pen, touch screen, and tablet software tools.
Optional accessories include 12V car charger and carry bag.

The Smartbook-7c, incorporates a 7” XGA Touch Screen, low-power Intel Strong ARM, removable data storage via CF port, embedded with Windows CE.NET, and familiar Microsoft Pocket tools (Outlook, Browser, Excel, Word, etc.).

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