Margi Systems Introduces Next Generation Wireless Presentation Technology

Margi Systems Introduces Next Generation Wireless Presentation Technology


MARGI Systems has reached another milestone with the introduction of Wireless Presenter-to-Go – a complete hardware and software solution designed for licensing by projector, notebook computer and handheld manufacturers, to enable wireless delivery of presentations to projectors. MARGI continues to lead the market for mobile presentation solutions, and is now leveraging its expertise in presentations and multimedia to deliver a best of breed solution to meet the wireless demands of users today. The technology provides a cost-effective, quick-to-market solution for projector and device manufacturers who want to extend wireless functionality to their customers. The design also lends itself to the development of applications like full screen DVD playback, to eventually reach the home market.

The technology will be on display at this week’s InfoComm Conference in Orlando, Florida in the Texas Instruments’ Booth #1720 and in HP’s reseller suites at the Peabody Hotel.

Based on Texas Instruments’ DisplayConnect™ chipset, Wireless Presenter-to-Go provides a new platform for projection and presentation technology. Wireless Presenter-to-Go encompasses both a reference board for integration into projectors, and software for notebook computers and handheld devices that supports high-performance, wireless delivery of presentations to projectors using MARGI’s technology. It provides an easy to use alternative to wired presentation solutions, and supports the broadest range of computer and handheld device platforms of any wireless projection technology on the market today. Hewlett Packard will be the first company to ship a projector using the Wireless Presenter-to-Go solution, which will be available this fall. MARGI is pursuing relationships with other projector and device manufacturers.

“The introduction of Wireless Presenter-to-Go is a natural progression for MARGI, with our expertise in presentations and multimedia, as well as a natural progression of the presentation market as a whole based on the growing demand for wireless solutions,” said Phil Underwood, vice president of sales and marketing for MARGI Systems. “Our relationship with HP is just one of what we anticipate will be many partnerships that will further facilitate the growth of this market and provide businesses with yet another avenue for leveraging their wireless investment.”

“With the help of our strong partners, such as MARGI Systems, HP will be able to provide its customers with an innovative solution that enables wireless communication between projectors and mobile devices,” said Mike Brown, future product and business strategy manager, HP Digital Projections and Imaging Global Business Unit. “HP, TI and MARGI Systems are working together to lead the way in developing an industry standard for wirelessly enabled digital projectors.”

MARGI’s next generation wireless solution will expand on its current presentation technology to allow business professionals to wirelessly present from any WiFi-enabled notebook or handheld device using the 802.11b standard. With the functionality provided by Texas Instruments’ DisplayConnect chipset, Wireless Presenter-to-Go delivers a high performance, scalable presentation solution capable of supporting text, graphics and video. Wireless Presenter-to-Go offers many user-friendly features including easy out-of-the-box setup and projector discovery, seamless collaboration between presenters and broad device support. The product supports presentations from personal computers (desktop and notebooks), handhelds (PocketPC and Palm O/S’s), and enables PC-Free presentations from removable media (CompactFlash, Secure Digital, USB memory devices).

“With the superior functionality provided by Texas Instruments’ DisplayConnect chipset, we are able to support the highest level of performance from notebooks and handheld devices, while still maintaining a price point that is attractive to businesses and consumers alike,” stated Underwood.

“End-user market research strongly indicates that wireless connectivity will be an integral part of the projector market going forward,” said Frank Mozio of Texas Instruments. “Through the combination of MARGI’s technical expertise and background, and our DisplayConnect chipset, we are now able to provide projector manufacturers with a complete, fast-to-market solution for extending wireless functionality to their customers.”

Product Availability
MARGI’s Wireless Presenter-to-Go technology is currently available for license to interested projector manufacturers and is available for bundling with handheld devices. Anyone interested in licensing the technology should contact MARGI Systems at 510.657.4435 Ext.219 or Ext. 255, for more information. In addition, MARGI will be meeting with potential licensees at this week’s InfoComm Conference.