General Wireless announces unique product for 2-way SMS from Outlook

General Wireless announces unique product for 2-way SMS from Outlook


General Wireless today announced the launch of SMS Executive+, a unique SMS product that lets users send and receive SMS messages in the MS-Outlook inbox. Office-bound Outlook users and mobile phone users in the field can thus establish a direct and easy-to-use communication link with one another to help boost business efficiency and save costs.

SMS Executive+ is the latest addition to General Wireless’ steadily growing range of products for mobile messaging. Following on from a series of recent commercial successes, including agreements with Tele2, NetCom, O2 and Microsoft Office Marketplace, SMS Executive+ now gives Outlook users a significant new option – 2-way SMS from their MS-Outlook.

With SMS Execeutive+, Outlook users receive SMS messages either to their mobile phone or to their Outlook inbox. This means that Outlook users in the office and mobile phone users in the field can establish direct and convenient communication links with one another.

Furthermore, sending and receiving SMS is just as easy as email. For example, when an Outlook user receives an SMS sent from a mobile phone, it appears just like an email, but instead of the normal envelope, a small SMS-icon denotes that it is an SMS. The user can then choose to reply to the mobile phone, forward the message to other mobile phones, or forward it to an e-mail address.

“We believe strongly in SMS Executive+, because it offers a convenient, easy-to-use solution that can leverage on the huge installed base of Outlook e-mail clients and SMS-enabled mobile phones”, says Anders Hardebring, Chief Executive Officer at General Wireless. “This view seems to be shared by our mobile operator customers, with many of them planning to launch this service during the 3rd quarter”, Mr Hardebring concludes.

For more information, contact:
Anders Hardebring, Chief Executive Officer, General Wireless
+46 70 591 06 14, [email protected]

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General Wireless is a provider of mobile messaging solutions to leading mobile operators and enterprises worldwide. General Wireless has six mobile operator customers including Tele2, NetCom and O2 and an agreement with Microsoft Office Marketplace. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, General Wireless is a privately held company funded by Argnor Wireless Ventures and other renowned investors.