GN Netcom Launches the GN 9120 Advanced Wireless 2.4Ghz Headset

GN Netcom Launches the GN 9120 Advanced Wireless 2.4Ghz Headset


GN Netcom, the innovation leader in hands-free telephony, today announced the introduction of the GN 9120, the world’s most advanced wireless headset for business professionals. The GN 9120 is the newest member in a family of products designed from the ground up to meet the needs of today’s professional. The first completely wireless headset that can be used up to 300 feet from its charging station, the new GN 9120 combines unprecedented roaming range and talk time in a sophisticated, customizable and lightweight design. The product also offers conferencing capabilities, which eliminate the hassles of being confined to a conference room and yelling into a speakerphone.

The GN 9120 provides up to eight hours of talk time and is the only telephony product currently available to offer multi-unit conferencing, allowing as many as four users to be synched into the same conference call from individual headsets. The GN 9120 was designed to offer business professionals a tool that allows them to continue working even when they are hundreds of feet away from their desk, thereby increasing productivity.

“The GN 9120 represents the flagship in our family of products designed for today’s busy professional,” said Tobe Cohen, senior vice president, marketing, GN Netcom, Inc. “This family of products combines state-of-the-art performance with stylish looks and innovative features to allow today’s multi- tasking professionals to leverage the productivity benefits of hands-free communications in their office. GN Netcom’s in-depth knowledge of the office market and the needs of today’s executives has led us to develop this unique wireless headset, which we regard as a single, sophisticated alternative to multiple telephony products.”

Multi-unit Conferencing

Multi-unit conferencing enables up to four individual GN 9120 units to be synched into one single conference call. Once a connection has been established, users wishing to participate in the call simply synch their headsets to the same charging station. The originator will be notified through a beep on his or her headset that additional users wish to participate in the call, at which point authorization can be granted. Those granted access will experience a discrete and clear conference call while having the freedom to spread out within a 300-foot range.

Secure Communications

The GN 9120 transmits on the 2.4 GHz frequency and uses the Digital Spread Spectrum protocol initially developed for secure military communications. The signal switches channels 90 times per second, providing security and privacy while ensuring that the signal does not interfere with other signals in the 2.4 GHz spectrum, such as increasingly popular WiFi networks. To further enhance security, the GN 9120 features 64-bit digital encryption and uses intelligent power management, which automatically regulates the signal strength according to how far the unit is from its base. This averts interception by allowing the signal to go no further than it needs to go.

GN 9120: Combining Style with Functionality

The GN 9120 converts into two convenient wearing styles. In addition to a traditional headband, the GN 9120 can be worn directly on one ear with the SureFit(R) ear hook. The SureFit wraps snugly around the ear, with the headphone sitting directly on the user’s ear while the burnished silver boom extends toward the mouth. In addition, the GN 9120 is offered in three boom styles: GN Netcom’s signature SoundTube, a flexible boom with an advanced noise-canceling microphone and a new contemporary midi-boom style. Both volume and answering controls are located on the earpiece so conversation levels can be adjusted from anywhere within the 300-foot range. By pairing the GN 9120 with the GN 1000 Remote Handset Lifter, calls can be answered and terminated from that same range.

“GN Netcom is continuously looking for ways to make business professionals’ work environment more functional and productive. With its ergonomic, contemporary design, superior range and conferencing capability, we are confident the GN 9120 will become as fundamental to the executive lifestyle as the computer, fax machine and cellular phone,” added Cohen.


The GN 9120 has a $349 list price and will be available through HelloDirect!, existing telecommunications products distributors and various retail outlets.